Behind the scenes of a Fashion Photo Shoot: What you didn't know

The idea of putting together a photo shoot can seem a little overwhelming. It is a long process with a lot of little details that can't be overlooked. But take a deep breath, you can do it! By following a basic step by step plan of action you will be on your way to executing a successful photo shoot!

[title subtitle="Theme"][/title]

The first question you want to ask yourself is what is the story for this photo shoot? What is the theme?

For the 3rd Quarter issue of Created Woman Magazine, the inspiration for the shoot comes from two main themes. First is the everyday girl look. We wanted to show women in basic looks for the weekend, work, and evening. Our second theme is High Fashion. Opposite of the everyday girl, the inspiration for our high fashion theme comes from looks you will find on the runway from new emerging designers.

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[title subtitle="What You Will Need"][/title]

Many hands make light work, and if you want a smooth sailing photo shoot, a good team will be the most important element. Your team should consist of :

  • ·Photographer
  • ·Wardrobe Stylist
  • ·Hair stylist
  • ·Make-up artist
  • ·Models

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It is so important to communicate every change made throughout the process with your team so that everyone is up to date. You want to make sure that everyone involved understands the vision of the shoot so that the photo shoot produces your desired end result. Picking the right models and beauty team is very important. Make sure that they are a good fit and are someone that everyone will love to work with. 

[title subtitle="Location"][/title]

Finding a location for the photo shoot will go hand in hand with the theme you have. Many locations  are free to use and just take some effort to find, try brainstorming ideas with your team. If the location is outside, make sure that you have arranged a place with electricity for the beauty team to do hair and makeup. You will also need to keep in mind any transportation arrangements. If you will be using a different location for hair and makeup, make sure to coordinate a schedule of when everyone should be ready and leaving to the photo shoot location.

[title subtitle="Wardrobe"][/title]

Many designers and boutiques are happy to offer garments to be worn in the photo shoot. In exchange for using their outfits, you are offering them free advertising. Make sure to have the model's measurements and send your stylist to pull the outfits for the shoot. Schedule a fitting day before the shoot with the models and beauty team and take pictures of the models in each outfit. This will help you keep track of who wore what and give the hair stylist and makeup artist an idea of what look they will create for the model.

You are now ready for the day of the photo shoot! Come back June 13th to see which models we are using and a behind the scenes look of the Created Woman Magazine 3rd quarter photo shoot!

Editor's Note: CW's new intern, Sarah, has taken the reigns of planning our next photo shoot for our 3rd quarter issue, Back to Basics/Fall Fashion launching July 8th.  She's doing a fabulous job and we cannot wait to show you the results.  Be sure to get your FREE issue for a limited time HERE.



sarah bioCW Intern, Sarah Wolfshohl:I am fashion merchandising student at Texas State and live in San Marcos. I hope to work at Sephora headquarters after I graduate and cannot wait to travel the world and experience all the beauty that surrounds us. I love to share beauty through fashion and my growing relationship with God.