Blogger, Fashionista, Mom, Entrepreneur: Indiana Adams launches conference for lady bloggers & business owners

Today we are going to be talking with blogger, fashion enthusiast, and writer, Indiana Adams. Adams is a mom living with her husband and 2 children in Austin, Texas, and an actress, participating in local acting jobs based in Austin. While keeping up with her family, writing for multiple blogs including Lifetime’s Project Runway blog, her own blog Adored Austin and starting a company, how does Adams do it all? As Adams is putting the final touches on  the 3rd annual Texas Style Council for Lady bloggers & Business owners, CWM set out to find the answer!


Q. When did you start your blog Adored Austin and what inspired you to launch? I've been blogging at Adored Austin since 2009, but I had been blogging elsewhere from 1999- 2009. I launched Adored Austin because I was reading a lot of outfit of the day blogs and decided that I could do that, too, but in a fun, thrift-store loving way.

Q. Did you ever think your blog would gain so much popularity? No. Gosh, no. I had always kept a journal, so starting a blog in college seemed like a natural progression. That blog wasn't very popular outside of my college and my immediate circle of friends and family. I expected Adored Austin to have a similar trajectory.

Q. What made you decide to start Texas Style Council? I love meeting new people and I used my blog to do that. When SXSW rolled around and my blog had a little bit of influence, I thought it would be fun to get together with other bloggers and fashion lovers during SXSW Interactive. That was in 2010. Kendi Everyday had recently started her blog, and she was one of the first invitees!

Q. What does TxSC do and to whom is it geared towards? We exist to connect women; we want to provide an opportunity for women to use their online relationships to create offline relationships. We hope that everyone involved can connect with a peer, a mentor, and someone to mentor. We started off for just personal style bloggers but we quickly became a place for all females who are active on social media. We have about 70% bloggers (mostly lifestyle and personal style) and the other 30% are small business owners (designers, shop owners) and brands.

Q. Why should people attend TxSC and what makes it unique to other networking conferences? It's a great place to network and learn. We're very much the girls next door. People call our conference relatable and attainable, given it's speakers' roster and affordability. It stands out because we offer unique programming every year. Our curriculum is customizable, so no matter your sphere of influence, no matter if you're a blogger or a business owner, there's courses that are relevant to your goals.

Q.  What is your main goal with the TxSC? I want to keep helping women connect with other women so that they can share their knowledge with each other in order to see their goals and dreams come to fruition.

Q. How do you handle having a family, career, and still manage to stay fashionable? I have a deep hatred for athletic short, yoga pants, tennis shoes, and flip-flops. Take those things out of the equation, and I'm suddenly better dressed than the average grocery store shopper.

Q. What advice do you have for young fashion/beauty bloggers? Write and create because you love to write and create, not because you want free clothes.

Fun Tips:

Q. What was the worst fashion decision you ever made that you remember? Many of my outfits are cringe-worthy, but yellow tights, navy blue open toed satin shoes, a hot pink dress, and a military jacket comes to mind. Hilarious proof:

Q. What is your favorite trend for summer? The music festival look: flat sandals, short shorts, and interesting tank tops.

Q. Where do you find your best deals for clothes? Savers on Burnet

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Thank you Indiana Adams for your time with us!

Make sure to check out her blog for fashion and lifestyle posts, and to learn more about blogging & networking.


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