Designer Spotlight: Chesley Mae Designs

We are fresh off the heels of Austin Fashion Week and I feel like I am longing for just one more Soiree. Is it just me or did having the chance to mix and mingle with so many creative movers and shakers leave you inspired and wanting more fashion in your life?

So many local Designers are giving Austin - and beyond - a little more diversity and unique qualities when it comes to their designs and vision. We are lucky to have such a vibrant and ever-growing fashion community. One such talent, is Chesley Clark of Chesley Mae Designs. I had the pleasure of sitting down with the Austin-based Jewelry Designer and she shared with me her story, inspirations and more. 

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KE: What started your interest in making jewelry?

CMD: I've been making jewelry on and off for about 10-12 years. Just needed a creative outlet. I'm self taught. I got my inspiration from my Grandmother. She is a really creative person and we have always made things together, sewed together, cooked together. About 12 years ago we were crafting and I decided to make a piece of jewelry so we bought supplies. At first, I did it for fun and made gifts for people and for myself.

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KE: When did you know it was time to take it to the next level?

CMD: I didn't get serious about starting my own business until last Fall. I was at a point in my life where I knew there was something else out there for me. I was in the corporate world and I felt the need to tap into my creative side again. I felt like it was the right time and with the encouragement of my Husband, I picked up my jewelry and started Chesley Mae Designs.

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KE: What sparks your creativity and is there a place in Austin you go for instant inspiration?

CMD: I get inspiration from nature, place I go to shop or even dine at. A place that comes to mind is Revival. That place is just so magical and every time I go in there, I'm inspired by the rustic setting. Its sort of a rustic chic feel and that sort of aligns with the look of my jewelry. I also love to pop into Mockingbird Domestics. I love that place because the feature a lot of local artisans creating something unique and cool - that inspires me.

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KE: What was your experience with Austin Fashion Week?

CMD: Fashion week was a real thrill! There were so many great events going on all over Austin. My favorite part was all the wonderful connections that were made for future collaborations. There is such talent to be admired in Austin.

KE: You were featured in the Gallery of this years Austin Fashion Week. Tell us a bit about that.

CMD: I really enjoyed being a part of AFW's Gallery. We were featured Saturday night and it was a packed house. The energy was buzzing. Again, I'd have to say the people we met were genuinely the highlight for me.


KE: What does finding your purpose mean to you? 

CMD: I believe you have found your purpose when you feel a natural progress or forward movement in your life or work, without it being forced. Yes, the beauty and uniqueness of jewelry, I have always valued. It definitely started out as hobby and I realized it was no coincidence that I kept being drawn back to it. It came about naturally and I'm happy it did.

KE: What advice do you have for women finding their purpose in life or even hoping to fulfill a dream?

CMD: My advice is to find something you are truly passionate about. Something that you love and that energizes you, that makes you want to jump out of bed to pursue with your whole self. For me, it was jewelry, it always has been. It kept coming back to me over an over. When you realize what you are truly passionate about start with small goals and you can really achieve the things you desire in life. 

CMD: Don't be afraid to listen to you inner voice. It has a way of already knowing the path you should be on.

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In honor of Created Women everywhere in pursuit of finding their purpose, Chesley Mae Designs will be giving one of our lucky Instagram followers her boho-chic Mini Horn Pendant Necklace. Head over to Instagram and repost this pic, be sure and follow @createdwoman as well as @olechesleymae. We will announce the winner on Monday, May 1st! Good Luck!



 Catch Chesley's next Trunk Show at Fab'rik at the Hill Country Galleria, Friday May 1st from 3pm-8pm.

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A very special thank you to Chesley for sharing her time and talent and for inspiring us all!

"Above all else guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it."  Proverbs 4:23




Kristen Ellis

Your resident Designer and Stylist