Designer Spotlight: Theo Shayo, Multicultural Designer

Theo Shayo, the International Multicultural emerging designer in Austin Tx.

Inspired by her African humble roots, a Tanzanian lady, born fashion designer, world traveler, mother, philanthropist and business woman is breaking ground on the fashion scene with her multicultural collection that embraces the essence of her rich African heritage through the use of mixed printed fabrics known as Kanga, Kikoi and Kitenge. Her mission is to connect different global prints and clothing wear from different cultures around the world and create cool fun wearable designs. She is even planning on incorporating Indonesian batik and other type of batik in her upcoming collection.



She was a banker and attorney in Tanzania, and then relocated to Austin Texas in 2010 after meeting her American husband. Coming from a family of artists, with her father as her inspiration, who still in Tanzania making leather belts, shoes, drums and other crafts, she continued to explore her talents on the side despite a busy life of being a mother, active member of a community, and business woman as Realtor at Culhane Premier Properties.

Theo’s clothing line is called ShaVanThe, which according to her is inspired by her multicultural colorful, loud, happy and wonderful kids Shani and Vanessa. ShaVanThe stands for SHAni, VAnessa and THEo. Theo believes that her designs are part of her creative journey from Africa to US and her exposure as a world traveler. Her line’s is full of bright colors and embrace diversity in contemporary styles and presentation. Her journey in fashion also is leading her to start a Fair Trade Initiative in Tanzania where she is able to connect the two continents of Africa and North America together, and at the same time make a difference in her country and US to those who are in need especially women and girls. She also participated in Intercultural Fashion show in March 2015 and when she was asked about her designs she said, “My designs are just like me and my kids: fun, loud, colorful smiling cheerful and humble.”

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When she was asked of her upcoming collection, she smiled and said,"This will be my first official collection ever. The line aims to preserve multicultural values while at the same time embracing the other styles of the modern world. I have never done a professional photoshoot before, so working of my official collection is so exciting and I can't wait to share with everyone. I hope my design will speak to many of you in US and outside US. Everything is creatively designed here in Austin Texas with a lot of love and big smiles."

Theo is always keen to connect her travel experiences and bring her birth country closer to the US via her involvement. She is an international multicultural enthusiast, who is also a founder of the International Multicultural Community, an organization which promotes internationalism and multiculturalism. She is also an organizer and the founder of International Multicultural Festival which is taking place May 16th 2015 at the 2100 East 3rd Street, Austin Tx 78702. The International Multicultural Festival is centered on celebrating the uniqueness of the Austin community by bringing different cultural groups together to learn, explore and celebrate each other and enhance unity among family. There will be music, dance, story telling, multicultural performance, speakers, food and drinks from differenct multicultural vendors.

Theo heartily enjoys the international and multicultural life and contributing her time and talents to countless charitable and philanthropic endeavors.

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Join Theo tomorrow at the International Multicultural Festival and share your favorite moments with us on Facebook!


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