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So many of us look in our closets each morning, overwhelmed with the number of choices but also unhappy with those choices. We have that “closet full of clothes with nothing to wear.” Most of the time, this results from years and years of purchasing “a great deal” or even “a collector’s piece” without thought on whether the items fit or flatter our current figure and where they fit into our current wardrobe. I tell my clients that the trick to having a closet full of clothes that you LOVE to wear, is only purchasing pieces that you LOVE, that FIT your body now, and that COORDINATE with other pieces you already love in your closet. No matter what the budget, you can create a functional wardrobe and get dressed in a snap each morning.

You can hire just about any closet organizer or wardrobe consultant to help you pair down and remove what should no longer be in your closet. You can even ask a trusted friend to go through the process with you as long as they can give honest feedback and have a knack for style. But the difficult part is being disciplined when you begin to shop to refill and complete that newly reduced closet.

I regularly tell my clients, go to a store where you know the items are typically within your budget with a list of the specific items you are looking to buy. Then, take everything that appeals to you (and is on your list) into the dressing room, disregarding the price or discount. Try everything on and determine which pieces you absolutely LOVE, that fit you well and that you can’t wait to wear. Keep in mind that sticking with one base neutral color and a few pop colors makes it easier to mix and match back to what you already own. Finally, after removing pieces that you do not work, take a look at the prices of those that remain. Determine how many of the pieces that you LOVE can go home with you while staying within your budget.

Sometimes, you may need to splurge on a special piece like a fabulous leather jacket or great pair of black pants, and if so, you may have to skip a few trendy items this season. But, consider the cost per wear of these more expensive pieces and purchase what you will wear the most first, so long as your total stays within budget. Splurging on a holiday party dress to only wear once while going cheap on the jeans you wear every day is really not the wisest investment for your everyday image.

At W by Worth, we specialize in high-quality clothing for the professional woman. We help you make good style decisions that work back to past purchases and have a flawless fit so that you end up with a closet full of pieces to wear multiple ways and for years to come. We are your source for effortless and enviable style.






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Style Speaks Renovate


Style Speaks is an annual fashion and faith interactive event where women gather to be equipped and empowered to be who they are created to be. This year, we are renovating! You will be refreshed, renewed and restored from the inside out. Style Speaks will inspire you to pursue your God-given purpose and leave a legacy for generations to come.
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Web-As the Director of Business Development for W by Worth, Kristine has been s00tyling clients and training new stylists in Austin since 2013. She has a passion for helping women look and feel their best so that they can confidently enter any room, take a seat at the table, and find success without worrying about how they look. Her clients appreciate her no pressure approach and honest advice.

W by Worth is a private label fashion house out of New York, creating four seasonal collections each year which can be seen by individual appointment at private venue trunk shows. The Fall & Winter collections are showing in Austin now through November 12th. Contact Kristine at 512.921.6873 for an invitation.