Editor's Note: Naturally Beautiful

Taken from 3rd Quarter Issue, Naturally Beautiful/Summer Essentials.  Click HERE to download your free issue


I’m really not sure when, where or at what age I realized my lipstick had to be with me at all times.  At any point you peak inside my make up bag I keep in my purse, you’ll find at the very least 4 shades of my favorite lip stick; my staples.  The power red, the trendy orange and hot pick that’s all the rage right now and of course the ever-classic neutral. It’s amazing how once you apply, it’s as if your whole outfit becomes complete.  My heads lifts and I’m ready to conquer the world.  The Power Color.



But is that really what makes us beautiful?  Yes, I’m a firm believer that make up does wonders and it can also be a lot of fun as we play with it and get creative.  It’s a statement.  But beauty that only goes skin deep is, well, just surface and our beauty will only take us so far if there’s no character to back it up.


Recently I took a weekend trip to a cabin that overlooked the lake.  During the 2 days I spent there, I enjoyed many moments on the screened in porch that overlook the very essence of God: Nature.  The tall statuesque trees, the lake that looked like glass only to be plucked as ducks danced across and the fog that sat softly on top of the water every morning.  It was majestic.  On one of those days I sat and looked out across the lake where my niece and nephew were fishing.  As I sat watchnig from afar, I thanked God for His ultimate design and for being the master creator.  I thanked Him for His Masterpiece.



I wasn’t wearing my power red lipstick; in fact, I sat in my most natural state.  But it was there that I felt loved.  I felt God’s presence.  I felt God’s kiss.  I felt beautiful.



For if He created the beautiful lake, trees, ducks and afternoon air that I was able to breath in, then how much more beautiful am I?  The lake, after all, isn’t created in His image, but I am and so are you.  And if He clothed the lake, trees and the lilies of the field with beauty and splendor and took care of every detail, I must know and understand that He Created me with just much thought, love and care.  I must be beautiful; Naturally Beautiful for I’m made in His image.



Matthew 6:28 And why do you worry about clothes? See how the flowers of the field grow. They do not labor or spin.

Genesis 1:27 - God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.



In our summer issue, we are celebrating the natural beauty God has created.  The beauty of who we are, what our fashion statement says about us and how we represent the real beauty of His masterpiece everyday.



Of course, we couldn’t talk about being beautiful without recognizing our moms.  We all have one, know one or are one, and moms do a lot!  Our all about mom section touches on many areas from training up our children, recognizing the type of mom we are to finding time just for you.  So whether you’re a new mom, a mother figure to others or know what’s it’s like to watch your mom transition from earth to heaven, we are recognizing the wonderful creation of mom.


For the everyday girl just like you and me, our original photography and beauty team really brought out the best showing us how to translate the summer trends for our everyday life.



Naturally beautiful, going green, moms, summer fashion essentials and the everyday girl all collide in our 2nd quarter issue to equip and empower you to be the best you can possibly be.  Our hope that as you read this issue, you realize that through all of our faults, curves, corners, successes and challenges, we all have been created in His image and have been given a purpose that we must share with world.  It’s true!  Our Live A Story contest winner, Sarah, who was our winner of our first writing contest, really understands the beauty she is inside and out at such a young age.  We are so proud to present her to you in this issue.



Being beautiful is not just skin deep but goes beyond what people see on the inside. It’s taking care of the body we’ve been given; sharing our knowledge and equipping others.  Beauty is seeing the worth in ourselves and in others.  Finding the who in who God created you to be.  Becoming.  To know the beauty God created in you that is unique to only you.    That’s Naturally Beautiful!



Quote from Arielle Breedyk at Style Speaks:

A woman living a faithful life and who is also living fashionably seems practically unstoppable.



lake 2 Lake Seminole in Georgia.