Finding Fashion In Your Everyday Surroundings: Meet Designer Elaine Turner

As a young fashion designer I’m always being asked who or what inspires me. What other designers would I compare myself to? I love releasing myself to new ideas and experiences but I’ve always looked outside of my home state of Texas for such things, until now.  

Recently I have been introduced to Texas’ own Elaine Turner, and I have to say I am loving her! Since settling in Central Texas from exploring Europe with my parents (who are missionaries) in 2011 I had heard whispers of the Elaine Turner but hadn’t thought much of it until now. So, like any good artist I began studying her work, her life, her influence. When I think about her particular style I see all of the places that she’s travelled to and her eye for color and architecture in each item. Having lived in Europe as I child I believe I understand Mrs. Turner’s brain as a designer. When one travels outside of their community to learn and experience new things, their way of thinking changes as a result of their surroundings. There aren’t any creative boundaries for an artist who has travelled.


In Elaine Turner’s designs I see the places she’s been. In her Isabella Hibiscus clutch I see the sandy beaches of the Bahamas and the bright exotic flowers that surround it. If it’s one thing I love its color! From


Isabella Hibiscus clutch

Being a missionary’s kid I understand quite well the value of using your resources and supplies and in Elaine Turner’s designs – bags especially – I see a great use of natural resources. When reading about her life found on her website and about how she got her label started I laughed out loud!

“Elaine's first handbag was inspired by raffia, which she was using to re-paper the walls of her Houston home. Jokingly, her husband Jim suggested she cover a handbag in raffia and viola-the Jackie bag that launched her fashion empire was born.”


Jackie Bag

I thought, “How extraordinary and unassuming first beings are!” All it takes is a dream, a little faith, and using what God gives you and making the best of it.

Needless to say, I was extremely excited to hear that the next Created Woman Foundation event would be held at Elaine Turner’s newest boutique in the Round Rock Outlets this June 26th. Not only do you and your girlfriends get to sip and have a lite bite while you shop in this fabulous new boutique but discounts will be offered and 15% of the proceeds will go to the Created Woman Foundation as well. I don’t know about you, but I am looking forward to this!

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store view

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