Follow your "Fitness Sense" and be Consistent with Your Exercise


Have you ever wondered why you can lose your motivation or have trouble consistently exercising? I see so many women get excited when they begin a new program, yet quickly give up when it becomes a struggle to make it work with everything else in their life.


If that has happened to you, it could be that you are not following your own fitness sense. Does this sound odd?  Think of this way.  If you like fashion or dressing in the latest styles, you may look to see what is hot and trendy each season, but no matter the trend, you want to be comfortable with who are and follow your own fashion sense. Fashion experts will tell you to look at the latest styles and trends, but use your own creativity to develop your own style and stay true to who you are as a woman.  

 To stay consistent and get the results you want in your body and fitness, there are certain “guidelines” to follow just as there are trends in fashion, but you have to find what works for you.

 Right after I turned 30, I decided I was going to become a really strong swimmer, actually just a swimmer, not necessarily strong. Next year I will turn 40 and it has yet to happen. Spending the time I would need to be a strong swimmer does not make sense for me at this time in my life.  I know I would see amazing benefits, but I just don’t have the time or desire to make it work right now. Instead to be consistent with my exercise, I had to sit down and evaluate the time I did have and develop a plan to make that time count to achieve my desired results.

 I see so many women struggling to follow the latest fitness trends or do what someone else is doing to look a certain way. Yet, wonder why they are not motivated and have no discipline to stick with it. It may be that it simply does not make sense for their lifestyle.  If you find that you are getting stuck, see if this helps.

  • Choose Something That You Like to Do

Who cares if your girlfriends are getting up at 5 each morning to run 3 miles?  If you are a night person and hate running, you may see results for a short time,    but eventually quit because it does not make sense for you.

  • Develop a program according to your goals and daily schedule

Before kids, I worked out 1.5 hours 6 days a week.  If I thought I had to follow that same schedule now, exercise would never happen and I would feel like a failure. I’m thankful when I get four days a week and have learned to get the results I want in 30-45 minutes. I had to accept that what worked at that particular time in my life does not make sense right now.

 My sister Heather who is my personal fashion consultant, teaches me to design my wardroom by looking at the latest trends, but not to spend my entire budget on things that will only be a trend for a short season.  I need to spend my time and money on classic pieces that will carry me for a long time.  To look and feel my best, I have to blend the latest trends with what makes me feel comfortable and reflect who I am.

 We have to do the same when designing an exercise plan.  Changing things up is good to get past a plateau and renew our motivation; but to be consistent, we have to find what we are comfortable with and make it work for our lifestyle.

 If you have struggled to actually find a plan that works for you, I can help. With my

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