Grit & Grace: Pretty Things And All That Brings

We love when women have a dream and make it a reality.  We had the pleasure of meeting the amazing women behind the new, fabulous boutique in Cedar Park call Grit & Grace.  They have fantastic items from household décor, jewelry, clothing, candles, etc. What we particularly appreciate is not only that their items are affordable but they support local businesses that give back to charities.  In today’s blog post, they share their story with us.



How did Grit & Grace come to be?

Two girlfriends who were complaining one evening about the lack of boutique shopping in our area, that conversation lead us to both share our dream of one day owning a boutique. Then we spent the next 3 years laughing and dreaming over champagne every time we were together until one night our sweet husbands looked at us and said "we love you but, make it happen or quit talking about it" We took that as their support and early last January had our first "board meeting" which was our husbands and us over sushi where we laid it all out on the line. We discussed everything from risk (biggest one being friendship), our fears (demands of being a mom top of the list), to logistics.  Every step of this journey we have been reaffirmed that we are meant to be business partners. We still struggle how to introduce each other friend seems like it is to dismissal of our hard work together, but business partner seems way to formal for us.   The name evolved from our approach to life - it takes a little grit and a lot of grace to make it.


Created Woman is all about following your dreams and walking in your passions. Can you share how the store does this for you?

 In so many ways this store has brought us to a new place in our lives. Personal growth has been overwhelming. We have put into practice that faith is bigger and more powerful than our fears. I can not tell you how many times there was a fear and the door would blow wide open and we would walk right through and think that was it. Timing was also huge for us. Our oldest babies will be graduating from high school next year and then what? Our kids were a huge part of the urgency not to just fill the void, but to show them that dreams do come true.   There was a moment when Shauna and I stood back and just absorbed what we had created and we both knew it was bigger than us.  From the very beginning of our dreaming we talked more about the way we wanted people to feel than what the "stuff" would be. We want people to feel special.  We believe life is in the details. The details are what make every day feel special so if drinking champagne out of your wedding crystal makes you feel young and giddy than use them.  I realized one day that I had to quit waiting for special moments to do things, I was the special.  We are all growing and changing that is how we were designed, but we are the special in each moment. When we surround ourselves with what make us happy and feel good then we're the best version of ourselves. When you come in we want to help you feel excited about the details whether its what to wear to a party or a gift that you need to give.  There is no better feeling than to be excited to give a gift.  
Finally laying down our fear and making the steps toward our dreams feels like we have been set free. It's the strangest feeling in the world to have a hundred reasons to be afraid of failing, but instead we feel the lightest and most fulfilled we have ever felt.  It is peace, no doubt when you pray and align your dreams and passions with your given purpose then the fear is on the back burner, instead we wake up every day ready for the adventure. Finding that peace has set an urgency in me to want that for others. It has changed my whole perspective, I don't get bogged down in the crazy and drama. There is to much good and excitement happening to dwell on the negative.   Shauna and I so genuinely want every girl to be successful and find that excitement for herself.



What "woman/women" are you serving in your store?

 Every woman - we truly and passionately want every girl who walks in to feel like she just walked into her girlfriend's house to hangout and see what was new.  We made a conscience effort to make sure we had a little something to appeal to everyone's budget and taste so anyone that needed that special thing would feel proud.


 Can you share some of the products and their stories/mission/charity?

We have had great response to our Goodworks line. We have jewelry and beautiful candles with inspirational sayings and verses on them. Goodworks gives back 25% of every purchase to good causes that support the underprivileged and children.  We have several local lines. We love the idea of supporting other women in the area and letting our dreams grow together. Granado cosmetics is one of those. Mandy Granado is a local hair stylist and makeup artist that has created her own makeup line that is amazing all the products are  mineral and free of chemicals and synthetic fillers.  We currently carry her lip glosses, but are hoping to expand in the next year.


Please share any special message you want others to know.

If two crazy blondes can jump with heels on then anyone can.  When you follow your passion and are in God's timing than every window and door will open and the peace you find will be undeniable.

Hope your day is filled with "Pretty Things and All That it Brings,"

Amanda Madden & Shauna Cotton
1420 Cypress Creek Road Ste 600
Cedar Park, Tx 78613 
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Created Woman is excited to announce that we will be hosting, along with Grit & Grace, a “Sip and Shop” holiday party Thursday, December 17th. The party is come and go from 5:00pm-7:30pm.  There will be light bites and sips! A portion of the evenings proceeds will go back to the Created Woman Foundation…so shopping and giving back…a great reason to shop for Christmas gifts or a something special for yourself.
We wish Grit & Grace all the success and are grateful they are opening their doors to Created Woman to join forces for faith, fashion and supporting dreams.     




 Owner Amanda Madden with Created Woman Founder Heather Frierson136