Have you made the switch? From Oversized to Compact the Ongoing Trend of the Mini Bag

It’s that moment every tote carrying oversized bag lugging woman dreads when she finds that her keys, lip gloss, or essential anything has fallen deep into the abyss of her beloved statement piece. Of course in a brief world wind of panic it seems almost impossible to recover the item of need until we breathe that faithful sign of relief and milled frustration five minutes later. We’ve all been there but why go through it? Every woman should find minimal ways to reduce the stress in her life and why not start with reducing the weight we seem to literally carry around on a day to day basis and walk a little lighter.

As we’ve come to appreciate these beautifully designed bags that we’ve used to hold pieces of our lives that undoubtedly weigh us down perhaps it’s time to give our neck and shoulders a well deserved break and embrace the fashionable, functional and perfectly simple mini bag. Since fall the mini bag has commanded the attention of the modern day bag lady and has continued to trend into the new year. Hello 2014!

charlotterusse_studdedchainstrap_crossbodybag copy

So if you are like myself, a starving college student commuting from home to school and pack your rather large sized schoolbag like a survival kit with notebooks, textbooks, papers, daily planner, makeup essentials, pens, pocket book, phone, musical device, water bottle, a banana and a taco that I snagged on the way to my next class then you may want to consider using your mini bag in a way that may be a little more useful to you.

For instance, a romantic picnic date in the park, an exciting evening at the carnival, or a fun night on the town would be ideal situations in which your mini bag is carrying what you need at the moment but not overwhelming you or interfering with your good time. Instead it’s an accessory that adds a classic charm to any outfit and as I’m writing this I am reminded of my go to mini that shimmered in all gold and was adorned with a fringed tassel until after many uses met its untimely fate when the strap broke. Oh how she will be missed but needless to say it is time for a new mini and if you are one to remain faithful to your roomy totes or spacious hand bags then the mini bag may not appeal to you but they sure are cute!

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Sophie Magallanes, is an Austin native who is majoring in Fashion Merchandising at Texas State University. She has spent 3 years as a personal assistant and wedding album designer to Jenny DeMarco photography. In her free time Sophie enjoys her passion for dance and is a Lady Viper cheerleader for the Austin Vipers.