Home Essentials: 10 Things Everyone Should Have in Their Home

Decorating your home can seem a little overwhelming at times, especially when you want your personal style to reflect in your home. Where do you start, what do you buy? How do you make a difference in your decor while keeping the things you love? These are good questions with simple answers. We all want our home to be beautiful and functional at the same time. It is easier than you might think to inject some personality . I feel like there are some simple essential elements that can take your space from basic to beautiful in a few easy steps. These are also things that can be personal.

1. Inviting Entry

A welcoming Entry isn't just about creating an inviting area for guests, it also has a big impact on your own mood. A well organized space where you can drop keys and see a few of your favorite collected things on your way in makes for a happy homecoming.

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2. A Unique Chair

An accent chair can add so much interest to a room. You can play with pattern and color and be as bold as you want. I especially love when the style is not a perfect match. That's what makes it unique to you.

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3. Natural Elements

Bring in some natural elements with fresh flowers, driftwood or branches. This helps bring the outside in and creates a casual space. The texture can also soften any hard surface. 

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4. A Good Rug

A really good rug anchors a room and sets the mood. Keep it comfortable to walk on and still stylish creating a much cozier feel. The patterns can be completely tailored to your design style, eclectic, modern or traditional. Remember to always keep size in mind, better to go bigger! 



5. Vacation Momentos

Traveling near and far can really help shape what we see as beautiful and what a great way to remind us of the places we've been and things we've seen with the unique objects we collect. Use them to accent tables and decorate bookshelves. This makes your space personal and can usually spark up an interesting conversation.



6. Throw Blankets

Throw blankets are a great way to add color and texture to a room and can even change with the season or as frequently as you might change your mind. Think cozy winter nights or curling up for movie night. 

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7. A Piece of History

I love the addition of an old special piece or item that has a story. This is a great way to share family connections or even a sense of adventure. Here, an antique console table has been repurposed into a beautiful bath vanity. 

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8. A Mix of Lighting

Lighting is key for creating a mood in any room. Its important to have several light sources placed strategically throughout the room. Start with your basic overhead lighting and add in pendants and table lamps for task and ambient lighting. It will make your space feel larger as well as create a feeling of warmth.

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9. Cozy Bedding

Bedrooms are a place where you want to linger and relax. What is it that keeps you coming back? Your bed! So lets make it the best possible place to rest your head. Large comfortable shams and a plush duvet will add to the cozy factor and the mix of patterns in the toss pillows and quilts can be an opportunity to bring in your favorite accent colors and patterns. 

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10. Cozy Breakfast Nook

I think its essential to have a small eating space where you can have your coffee in the mornings while you check your email. A perfect spot to read a book or grab a snack. Its a little more intimate than a formal dining area and you can even crete a bistro-like feel with a bench and toss pillows.

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I hope you enjoy incorporating these elements into your home while using your personal style to guide you. Remember to keep things special, simple and easy.


Kristen Ellis

Your Resident Designer and Stylist