How to Find Time to Exercise and Enjoy Your Family

Summer is here and as a mom, wife and busy woman, you may have this thought running through your head, “I liked to tone up for the summer, but I do not have time for exercise and spend time with my family during summer break.” Trying to find time to exercise and enjoy your family can sometimes feel impossible.

I remember the days before children; my husband and I worked out 1.5 hours 6 days a week. That workout routine is not going to happen now with two children. Not only do I not have the time, I don’t want it. What I have discovered, through the years, is that my workouts depend on the stages of life of my children. I just have to be flexible in how it gets done.

As babies, my favorite workout was simple….a pair of weights, an exercise band and a resist-a-ball right in the middle of my living room floor. I would work as hard and intense as I could for 20 minutes, which was all I had on most days.

ball and weights

As toddlers, a walking/running stroller was a must. There was nothing I loved more than a long walk or run while talking to my little one and exploring the world. My goal was to utilize my time for exercise as an opportunity to spend time with them and be a good example of health and fitness.

Hannah's first race

Now at ages 11 and 7, my husband and I tell the kids to join us for a walk or grab their bike and head outside. A lot of long talks, family time and calorie burning have been accomplished while we walk or ride bikes. It is not always at the intensity or duration that we may desire, but it gets the job done.

biking with Hannah
outdoor run

Another opportunity to stay fit and spend quality time as a family is to train together for a local run, walk, or bike event. It can be fun to set a goal and accomplish it together. Check out upcoming event in your area and sign up today.

Daisies and dragons
Daisies and dragons.jpg2

Finding time for family and exercise will change with the season of your life. Forget what you have done in the past and get a new plan for you to exercise and enjoy your family too. Not only will you look and feel better, you will be an example of health for your kids.