How to Renew Your Fitness Program and Get Past Your Plateau

Have you found yourself in a rut and feel you have hit a plateau in your weight loss journey, fitness level or motivation? Often times I hear that from women and have to ask, “Have you done anything to change your routine?” If not, it may be time to do something different--- have a renewed fitness program. So, what does it mean to “renew”? By definition, it is to replace something that is old, refresh and make new, and restore.

Here are a few ideas to renew your fitness program and get past your plateau.

1. Replace Something That is Old
Think back six months ago, a year ago, or even ten years ago. Does your fitness routine look the same? Our bodies become adjusted to the same routine, not to mention we can easily become bored. What about your diet? Have you grown tired of eating the same thing day after day and feel like eating healthy is not worth it? It is now time for you to replace your old way of doing things with a new mindset.

2. Make New
You are ready to throw out the old, now what do you do? Here are just a few quick ideas:

• If you are a walker, increase your pace to achieve your distance in a quicker time. For example, instead of walking 3 miles in 50 minutes, work your way up to complete it in 45 minutes.
• If most of your workouts are done on cardio equipment, hit the streets to walk or jog.
• Look for new friends for accountability and support or sign up for a new event and train together.
• If you are tired of eating the same thing, commit to trying one new fruit or vegetable a week.

3. Restore
Notice, the first four letters in the word are REST. I have personally learned there is value in giving my body a break and resting. Is your body run down and tired? It may be time to take a break and rest for a few days or weeks and be completely restored.

I challenge you to think about what you can do to RENEW your fitness program with a refreshing new plan that will get you past that hurdle and plateau.

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