I don’t understand How does Faith & Fashion go together?

I don’t live in a box.   I enjoy lots of different things.  I enjoy shopping, a hot cup of coffee, time on the lake, sitting at starbucks writing my next novel (hopefully), and grabbing a lunch with a good friend.  Truth be known, I also enjoy unwinding with a little reality TV.  Lately, I find myself singing “Let it go” from the movie Frozen after watching my 3-year old performing it over and over….and over!

I’m a busy girl changing my routine daily from working at home to playing dolls, going to dance class with my daughter and dr. appointments.  Everything I do is all of me.  I don’t put each one in a box; they all over flow into the other.  My girlfriends I have coffee with are the same ones I spend time on the lake with; the same daughter I play dolls with is the same one I write about, snuggle with during naptime and run to dance every Tuesday.

In the same way, my “church life” doesn’t fit in a box; it flows with same ebbs and flows as all the other activities in my daily life.  My faith is the core of who I am, not a building or a person.  It's what guides me and helps make my decisions for my day-to-day life.  So with my love of fashion and all things beautiful, it was only natural for me to combine both.  Because if Faith is the core of who I am, my clothes then just become a reflection of that girl.

Created Woman was founded on the belief that women are beautiful inside and out and it’s our mission to help equip & empower every woman to be exactly who they are created to be.  And whoever you were created to be, I’m sure you don’t live in a box either but you live life to the fullest enjoying all the facets of life.  Each one working together to weave a beautiful masterpiece.

So that’s why or really, that’s how, Created Woman has combined fashion & faith.  Because we don’t live in a box.  We live our lives fully everyday being exactly who we are created to be in every area of our life.

Join us at Elaine Turner in Round Rock as we celebrate The Created Woman Foundation.  Through education & events, we are touching the lives of women all around the world.  Empowering each to get out of their box, step into their destiny and say, “yes” to their dreams!

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