Inner work always produces outer results

When I was growing up, we went to church every Sunday and I gladly went because it meant I got to put on my little high heels and feel like a big girl. It was a day of frilly dresses and lace. For Easter Sunday, my mom would help me  pick out the perfect Easter hat to highlight my 9-year old curls. It was the fanciest day of the year and as a young fashionista in the making, I relished in Sunday mornings flaunting my pretty dress and heals. 

As I got older, those pretty dresses that were once adored became the subject of ridicule. How dare a Christian be so flamboyant and care so much about what you wear! What happened? Why was it all of a sudden wrong to wear frilly dresses and look my best? It made me feel good; why did it make everyone else feel bad? 

As I grew, I journeyed into the world of fashion still pursing that child-hood dream; the dream that God had given me. It was along the road I realized He created me just as I am and put in me the love of all things beautiful. His creation, His trees, His flowers, His nature. Oh how creative He is! He even created me and that makes me feel beautiful no matter what I’m wearing.

Clothes no longer became just about what the latest trend was. They became a reflection of who I am; who He created me to be. Just as I take care of my physical health because my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, I also take care of my outer self in the same way. My style evolved showcasing the very nature of His design - my personality, my likes and dislikes. My clothes tell a story of who I am.

These days, I still put on my Sunday best for church and love putting on the classic causal style during the week that defines my very personality and ignore those that just don’t get it. It’s not for them that I was created and whom I’m to please.

You see, the more I grew closer to God, the more I knew who I was. He showed me. And as a result of the inner work, there was an outer result. Not just in my clothes but also in my countenance, the way I spoke, the way I listened to people. The way I loved.

So I guess what I’m saying is, inner work always results in outer results in every area of your life simply because you know you are a daughter of the King and there is no higher honor.

Who are you representing today?

Come along with CW and continue to discover where your real self worth comes from so you don’t have exclude fashion from your faith.

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