Keep Walking: Lynn Cherry

Lynn is a girl you want to know!  She's one of those people who has this amazing welcoming spirit to whoever she meets, genuinely loves people and always sees the best in you.  Her smile is just the sweetest!  I'm so honored to call Lynn my friend and to introduce her to you.  Thank you, Lynn, for sharing your story with us.

Lynn Cherry

Lynn and her husband David have been married for over 20 years.  Whew! That is a major accomplishment in itself.  The challenges they face in their relationship are never wasted as they encourage couples to press through whatever they encounter and do the work of growing and changing together.

It’s easy to stay stuck, cemented firmly in place by life’s difficult circumstances. Lynn shares her mantra “Keep walkin’ Baby” with charm and wit.  In whatever shoes you prefer, rubber rain boots, TOMS or sassy heels, she’ll show you how to take a step forward today. Her devotional “Keep Walking” is helping women move beyond the pain of betrayal and find hope for restoration.

Lynn enjoys the adventure of being mom to two teenage boys. She offers grace and strength for mothers in every season. From diapers to driving, she tells it like it is, trusting moms will find courage in her stories and believe they have what it takes.

Lynn celebrates every opportunity to write in third person, not! But she does what Heather asks and is grateful to be part of the Created Woman team.

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