Know Your Style

Have you ever heard the expression, ‘If you don’t stand for something then you’ll fall for anything?’  Well the same is true for the clothes you wear too!  If you don’t know who you are, then you’ll walk out of the house looking like anybody all because “It looked good on so and so!”  Who cares about “so and so?”  You’re the girl that matters! The good news is that great style never fades, so what’s your style?  Here’s just a few….


Bohemian Girls are usually very artistic in nature wearing flowy, delicate dresses and hair (not too hippy chic though).   If your style is bohemian, you will usually feel most comfortable walking bare foot or flat shoes choosing pieces that are romantic, and free-spirited.  Just like your personality!

Ali Macgraw - 1970's Vanessa Hudgens - 2010


Think all American girl.  Jeans and a white – t-shirt ; Katherine Hepburn and Jackie O are two of my favorites!  If you walked into one of their closets, we could walk out like we just went shopping yesterday.  Classic girls closet doesn’t go out of style because it is filled with the basics like black skirts and pumps and of course a jean jacket.  Classic girls love the simplicity in color and lines and always look great in a fresh, white tank!

Jackie Kennedy Onasis Katie Holmes


The trendy girl of course is an easy one spot!  She follows the trends every year and has the personality to do it!  Whether it’s sparkle or cameo, she’s the girl to sport it.  A good trendy girl understands though what trends to put together and which ones to leave off.  She’s bold, courageous and you always see her coming!

Trendy to Current

Take caution though ladies, trendy fads are best for the girls in the 20’s – for us hot chicks in our 30’s and beyond, being ‘current’ is the way to go, a.k.a. – your own spin of the trend that fits your lifestyle best!

Sex and the City Girls

So know your style and have a lot more fun shopping!