Passion for Fashion

Two weeks ago in fashion night out, we discovered an amazing boutique. This boutique is Langford Market,  located in downtown Austin. We loved all the clothes, so we decided to ask for a couple of things to make a photo shoot. We are fashion students at the Art Institute of Austin and we were assigned a project based on the 12 chromatic strategies. The outfits were developed based on the strategies and thinking of an everyday woman. We created some outfits for summer and some others for fall.  Our selection was based upon the colors we were assigned, while keeping in mind to select pieces that all of us could use. It was fun to play with all the different colors and actually apply what we learned in something we are passionate about.  

This is an example of a Monochromatic mix. It is basically different tones of the same hue. We decided to use a Mint Green for the necklace, a strong green for the jumpsuit and a variation of different tones of greens for the bracelets. A perfect outfit for summer.











  Next we have an example of an Achromatic Strategy. We used Black, White and Gray to obtain this look. These colors created a formal look. We did not use bracelets this time, but instead used a ring











This was the outfit I liked the most. I never thought that using yellow and blue together would blend as well as it did for this outfit. I used a yellow top, blue shorts and blue necklace. This is a warm-cool combination. The yellow is considered a warm color and the blue and silver are considered cool.


We would like to thank Langford Market for being so kind and helping us with this project. We highly recommend you to visit. We know you will find a wide variety of things with a great sense of style.