Live Your Life Wear: Fashions Straight To Your Door

I got the coolest invitation last week!  A new friend of mine, Rene Green who is just the most fun-loving friend a girl could have, invited me out to her house for some fashion & fun.  Well, she didn’t have to ask twice! Who wouldn’t want to go to a friend’s house to hang out with some girlfriends and try on some clothes?  It’s a recipe for greatness and it didn’t disappoint.  In fact, I was pleasantly surprised by a all the goodies.

For a busy girl like me, taking a day out to go shopping for the new spring look just doesn’t happen very often, or too easily.  Sure, it’s nice to get out and take a breeze around the mall and window shop in between work meetings, dinner for the family, bath time, meetings, church, kids activities oh, and meetings.  So what’s a girl to do when life gets a little busy and you have to choose between quality girl friend time and going out to shop for the new spring/fall wardrobe? Well, do both!

Rondina, by Bill Rondina is a new incredible women’s line that specializes in tops and I was privileged enough to see the soft launch that’s happening right now in 7 states.  In the fall, Rondina will be available to everyone, anywhere.  All you gotta do is find a stylist near you and plan a party.  

You’ve seen the trend in jewelry, skin care and the like and now it’s finally arrived in clothing by way of Rondina by Bill Rondina.  Spectacular!

[title subtitle="What' I loved about Rondina"][/title]

  • It’s for the busy girl, you know, the kind that doesn’t like to iron.  Yes, that’s right.  The tops by Rondina pack, travel and hang in your closet without an iron needed.
  •  The designs fit right in with the region you live.  Rondina has specific designs for the east coast & southern region.  No more sweaters for us Texas girls.
  • It’s all knit!  And as Rene says, “Knit wear is the new it wear; everyone wants it.”
  • Travel, work, or pleasure.  Throw on Rondina top with  jeans, pencil skirt or suiting.  It all works.  Take a look for yourself.

[title subtitle="A Little History"][/title]

You may know the name Bill Rondina, who between1973-1980, grew his first collection, the Carlisle Collection.  After growing Carlisle into a thriving business, engaging over 800 personal wardrobe Consultants across the country, he eventually founded sister collections, Etcetera and Per Se.

For a party in your home contact Rene Green:

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