Out With the Old!

Don't fret, the phrase finishes, 'in with the new'! I am all too familiar with this phrase. It is one that I heard growing up when my mom decided my summer clothes were out of season and would be better kept in the attic for the next six months. Luckily I'm all grown up now and have learned to put my summer clothes to work through every season. With a few scrolls and clicks through Polyvore, Vogue, and other likely fashion resources, I've put together a little collage of my favorite Summer to Fall looks. Now before you get reading, I must admit I cannot touch on what "real" Fall dressing might look like. I am from New Orleans, lived in Dallas for three years, and Florida for the past four, so take it easy on me if your Fall temperatures get below 70, because mine rarely have.



Some of my favorite summer pieces included bright bottoms, breathable tops, and sandals, of course. While this is more of an idealistic rule for a Floridian like myself to follow, a good rule of thumb is when the leaves start to change, so should the colors of your wardrobe staples. Tame those mints and corals with deep reds or navy blues. Don't worry, this doesn't mean you have to dumb your funky, fashion- conscious self down by any means! In early September, and for those of us in the South pretty much until the end of November, a sleeveless top, denim, and boots are the perfect combo for chilly mornings that turn to sunnier afternoons.

Last but not least, how to accessorize for this next season! I love this time of year because necklaces can be replaced by or layered with scarves. Socks can be tucked into or pulled above boots, and hats can hide a bad hair day. Perfect.


So there you have it ladies, the (almost) complete guide to mixing those Summer pieces into the Fall. For more ideas browse Polyvore (my username is noconnell), find online lookbooks, and our own fashion section here and in the CW magazine. Some of my inspiration came straight from the CW photoshoot! And as always, feel free to leave your thoughts, comments, and advice for me!