Runway Show, Photo Shoot, and Salon Launch

Who knew that the launch of Red Stella Salon would be the most creative place to also have a photo shoot for Created Woman Magazine. What is more exciting than being on location while three major events are happening all at the same time? This collaboration was phenomenal. It began with the energy that leaked through the front door of the salon.

PartyThe Party

As you entered there was a photo background that you could take pictures in front of with your friends. For just a moment you could pretend to be a mega super star walking the red carpet. This of course made everyone feel like celebrities. We walked inside and the salon was booming. There were people everywhere. The vibe was contagious and filled with excitement and curiosity.

2Maryna Marston of Square Earth Studio


MARCOMarco Guiterrez of Square Earth Studio

The photographers from Square Earth Studios, Maryna Marston and Marco Gutierrez, were already in motion with their on location set constructed and the photo shoot was underway.  The models looked amazing and just for a second I thought that I had stepped back into time to some of fashions most influential decades. I quickly traveled from the 1920 to 1970 as I watched each model waiting to be photographed. Heather Frierson and the Created Woman team had a vision of showing the strength woman have had and how it has evolved and changed over time. It is always humbling to me to look back at what has been done in order for us to have the freedom that we have now. Not just that kind of independent freedom but the freedom to be strong, vibrant, business savvy, and the freedom to be seen as world changers. I think that Created Woman, Red Stella, and Square Earth Studios collaboration embodies the movement of empowerment for woman. Seeing woman come together and join forces to see their dreams come to fruition was incredible.


Alisha Jurkevicz of Red Stella, Owner Heather Frierson of Created Woman, Editor in Chief Yvonne Sanchez of Created Woman, Writer

Okay, enough of my soap box. Back to the party. So, the models were well styled and look absolutely gorgeous and their photographs were brilliant. While the photo shoot was going on there were multiple vendors with their products and food. The DJ definitely kept the party rocking. People were wall to wall and as the night progressed people just kept coming. Wow, what a night! The cherry on the cake for the evening was the runway show. After the models were done with the photo shoot for CW Magazine they then prepared for the finale of the night. As the show started the crowd parted to create a runway in the middle of the salon. The music was bumping and the lights dimmed. The crowd was filled with anticipation of what their eyes were about to feast on.  Finally, the models came down the runway with such prowess and strength. They were having fun and the crowd could feel it. The clothes designed by Bonita Brazil showed so well and looked so striking.

At the end of the night this photo shoot/salon launch party/fashion show connected to all of my senses.

IMG_3054 copy 2


IMG_3084 copy


Maryna Marston & Heather Frierson

IMG_3190 copy

Sneak Peak of Jan/Feb Magazine issue

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