Project Runway hits #AustinFashionWeek

In the world of fashion, breaking into the New York Fashion week has always been struggle for new and upcoming designers. But just a few years ago, a little show called Project Runway changed all of that. With the help of Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn and a slew of famous designers and celebrities, aspiring designers compete with each other to create the best clothes and are restricted in time, materials and theme. In the end, as in all reality show, only one remained being crowned the Star of Project Runway.

Friday night during Austin Fashion Week eight past Project Runway winners and fan favorites hit the runway with their new collection at #AFWStars. From children’s clothing to swim and evening, AFW attendees got a front row seat and rubbed elbows with their favorite All Stars.

The evening started off light with lots of laughter as kids walked, ran and skipped down the runway wearing La Miniatura. Some little munchkins hung their head with embarrassment as others ate up the applause and flashes of cameras. From where we sat, I could see backstage as the designer himself prompted each one to take the runway. So adorable

 La Miniatura

Final JeffreySebelia_byMarynaMarston-021 copy

The atmosphere changed immediately from laughter to awe, as Melissa Flies designs sashayed across the floor in mute colors and black. Each modeled looked as if they were walking the streets of New York City.

Melissa Flies

MelissaFleis_byMarynaMarston-021 copy MelissaFleis_byMarynaMarston-033 copy

Then right before intermission, one of CW’s favorites, Daniel Esquival appeared. With looks that never disappoint, the zebra and feather inspired looks reminded us why he is one of the best.

Daniel Esquival

DanielEsquivel_byMarynaMarston-010 copy DanielEsquivel_byMarynaMarston-011 copy

For the everyday girl, The Ant Hill by Anthony Ryan was a great surprise! Fun prints, flowey fabric along with grays and solids the collection was perfect to go from runway to the street. Plus, we couldn’t get enough of the Navajo and plaid!

The Ant Hill by Anthony Ryan

AnthonyRyan_byMarynaMarston-009 copy AnthonyRyan_byMarynaMarston-018 copy

Then it happened! Video rolled and the echo of violins filled the air as we all sat in darkness on the edge of our seat. Out walked the first model is a whimsical swim suit reminiscent of the Hamptons but were definitely for looks and not laying in the sand. As swim turned into day to evening looks, a leather waist pouch seemed made an appearance in almost every look. 

Michelle Lesniak

MichelleLesniak_byMarynaMarston-001 copy MichelleLesniak_byMarynaMarston-018 copy

Yes, the retro look is back and we loved the 70’s vibe of Amanda Valentine’s collections. From geometric prints, bell-bottoms to Ponchos even high-waisted jeans, we all were transported back in time.

 Amanda ValentineAmandaValentine_byMarynaMarston-003 copy AmandaValentine_byMarynaMarston-011 copy

Think Alice In Wonderland meets Audrey Hepburn. Hats, lace, trench coats and collars, Gunner Deatherage had us all on the edge of our seat.

Gunner Deatherage

GunnarDeatherage_byMarynaMarston-001 copy GunnarDeatherage_byMarynaMarston-015 copy GunnarDeatherage_byMarynaMarston-017 copy

Beautiful metallic golds mixed with shades of teal, sequins and sheer fabric. Gowns that could easily be seen on the red carpet at the New York Met Gala.

Korto Momolu KortoMomolu_byMarynaMarston-006 copyKortoMomolu_byMarynaMarston-015 copyKortoMomolu_byMarynaMarston-019 copy 

Until next year!

Photo Credit: Marna Marston of Square Earth Studio