Rae Cosmetics launches new store in Austin!

On Friday July 25th the first Rae Cosmetics opened its clear glass doors, inviting everyday women – including myself – to try their mineral based cosmetics specially designed for women on-the-go. Offering a heat and perspiration-resistant line, Rae Cosmetics is perfect for productive and driven women. Catering to those who want to stay looking natural and healthy, this line is amazing!

“We design makeup for real life, heat and perspiration resistant while improving your skin’s natural appearance. Most importantly, it’s all cruelty-free.” said owner Rochelle Rae.

With her products already featured in spas and wellness centers all over the world, it’s no wonder the first Rae Cosmetics location is an instant success!

On opening day as I wandered around the cozy store located on West 2nd Street in Austin, Texas, I could feel the time and dedication it took Rochelle Rae to make her dream come true. I admired the variety of lip gloss, eyeliners and concealers.  I sat down to receive my complimentary makeover from Leslie, a resident makeup artist. When she finished I was more than happy with the result! Everything was so breathable and light. And I still looked like me!

Writing down the products she used on me, Leslie explained that originally all Rae Cosmetic products were sold exclusively online. Now that there is a store, women can come in, receive a makeover, and then buy those exact products. If you are ever want a makeover or have been searching for products suited to your active lifestyle visit Rae Cosmetics on West 2nd Street. You won’t be disappointed with this excellent product and great service!

Jade Moffett is currently a senior at East View Highschool on her way to Baylor University to study Business and Fashion. She enjoys, reading, writing, and hanging out with her siblings and friends.