A true friend is always loyal, and a sister is born to help in time of need. ~ Proverbs 17:17

Over the last year, I have had the privilege of mentoring a small group of young adults. We get together once month, and conversations are generally centered around an assigned book. The main goal for selecting this group was to strengthen their relationship with the Lord as well as build their leadership capacities. However, to my delight, deep friendships have emerged. 

We kicked off the mentoring experience by sharing personal stories about how God has moved in each of our lives. And, as you might imagine, during this first gathering, there was slight hesitation as each one shared her ‘stuff’. Yet, at the same time, the magnificence of authentic connectedness came to life as each story began to unfold. An undeniable sense of oneness began to link each heart and soul.

Friendships were immediately established and group members started meeting throughout the month. We share a group text account. These women pray for and encouraging each other on another level.

Donna, a member of the group, is working on obtaining her masters degree in screenwriting. Last summer, she wrote and produced a web-based series and needed help with collaboration. Our small group came together to help make this project a success. Donna filmed in Kesa’s home, Brooke and Marqita helped with hair and makeup. Others helped with funding, covered hospitality along with a host of other things. And, of course everyone prayed and cheered Donna on as she labored over her work. THIS IS SISTERHOOD!!

Marqita had a vision to empower young women to foster sisterhood through leadership training, academics, integrity, personal development and philanthropy. She called on some of the girls in our mentoring experience. They now meet monthly with high schoolers to enrich each individual to influence the world around them. THIS IS SISTERHOOD!

Sisterhood is a movement involving women of various ages and backgrounds, who embrace the gift of connectedness and mission. Stay-at-home moms, businesswomen, educators and students are among this band of champions who, collectively, bring solution to society. Many are in the fight of their lives while others courageously stand in the gap for the cause of another. When times get tough we are a wellspring in the wilderness, cheering and challenging each other onward.

There is power and overwhelming safety in the bond of Sisterhood. Together, we shape, we lead and we foster change. We laugh and we cry. We arise and we retreat. We honor and we love. We are a force to be reckoned with.

We are a community, we are an alliance, and we are like-minded, yet incredibly extraordinary. We are companions and hold a commonality that that unites us heart and soul.

Sisterhood is an undeniable spirit that is burgeoning fiercely across the earth.

A true friend is always loyal, and a sister is born to help in time of need. ~ Proverbs 17:17