Top 20 Spring Fashion Trends 2012

New York Fashion Week is the mother of all weeks in the fashion world; at least to this fashion lover.  It's the highlight for every fashionista as we sit on the edge of our seat waiting to see what walks down the runway and who made the cut.  Last month, the world descended on NYC to look at what's to come for fall 2012. But with the sun coming out for spring, it's so hard to think of fall when the new spring looks are in every store window right now!   With so many great spring fashions, we've narrowed down our favorite top 20  to help you out.   We love it all! Let's Spring into Fashion!



#1 The Roaring Twenties

The Great Gatsby Movie inspired the look this year.


 Tory Burch Collection


#2 The Mad Men of the 60's

 Banana Republic's Pink Betty Dress

#3 The Peplum


 Oscars' 2012 Peplum Dresses

#4 The Pajama Pants



#5 Casual Chic with Color

The Gap

#6 Floral Fantasy




#7 Colored Jeans


#8 Pleats


#9 Bold Stripes



#10 Color Blocking


#11 Polka Dots



This season, colors range from vivid brights to saturated pastels.

#12 Tangerine

 #13 Metallics


 #14 Saturated Sorbets

Ralph Lauren Collections

#15 Bold Colors



#16 #17 Sunglasses & Leopard


#18 Bangle Bunches

#19 Color Blocking Shoe

#20 Doctors Bag

Spring has definitely arrived and it's time to re-do our closets with all of the amazing spring fashions.


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