The 20 Something Diaries: Seasonal Help Wanted

So can we please talk about the time change for a minute? I was so excited all winter, looking forward to this "spring forward" because I just could not handle how early it got dark. However, as soon as the time changed, so did my emotions about it. I've set my alarm faithfully for 6am everyday, only to roll over and slide my little snooze button... more than once... in fact, more like three times this morning. After finally waking up, I had that "aha moment" about what to write about, and how this little time change is so much more for me right now. I find myself as someone who lives happily in my future. The present reality sweeps by with small grumbles, a few unhappy days, and of course laughs thrown in, but for the most part, my right now life is just the vehicle to get me to that destination I have in my head; that happy future. Some people may say there's nothing wrong with that.  "It's a great motivator; It's perfectly normal." I can speak only for myself when I say I disagree. I've made a vow to live happily every day; it was sort of my New Year's Resolution, to live presently, not in a dreamy future. And of all things, the time change has shown me just how much I do that. I mean, who spends a whole season waiting for the next season while totally ignoring every day in the meantime?! This girl.

Needless to say, seasons change in more than one way. Summer to Fall, Fall to Winter, Winter to Spring, yada yada yada. But the seasons of our lives change as well, and I suppose that's where I need the most help. It's easy to anxiously await warmer weather and longer evenings, but it's much more difficult to happily anticipate the changing of jobs, the transition from college to "real life," or single life to married life. I'm learning that all of these are natural progressions. I'm not alone in feeling overwhelmed some days, like a total nutcase on others, and then have those rare, happy, in-between moments where it feels like this is right where I belong. This morning I called that moment 7:30 on the dot, but in life, that moment should be every day! Even though I may feel like hitting snooze and ignoring the day sometimes, I'm learning to love the mundane as well as the monumental, season to season. I'm growing into loving each moment.