Sept/Oct 2013: The Designer Issue

The Designer Issue & CW Goes Pink

Dreams.  They are our hopes.  They wake us up in the middle of the night, fuel our passion, and keep us pursuing.  They take up our thoughts and evoke emotion.  They are what movies are made of.

Dreams.  The vision of what’s to come.

In CW's Designer and Going Pink issue, pages are filled with dreams fulfilled and dreams in progress (click to tweet).  No matter what the dream, our lives reflect where our passions lie.  And it is with great honor, we introduce women who, in the pursuit of being who they were created to be, successfully chased their dream without taking ‘no’ for an answer and in the midst, produced movements that you and I can stand beside (The Created Woman Pg.).

Though each of us has different passions and visions....

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This month 1 lucky winner will win a 4-day vacation.  Details announced 9/10