The Devil is in the details

One of my favorite scriptures is 'the steps of the righteous are ordered by the Lord'. There have been days I have had to wrap my faith around this promise like a warm wool coat in the dead of winter, as I embark on a new venture, take on a new project or navigate through the complexities of difficult relationships.  Staring in the face of the expansiveness of some of life's challenges and experiences can be daunting. But we have a promise. We are not alone and we have everything we need for a good outcome. 

God is in the details. This phrase is a deliberate variation of the much older expression 'the devil is in the details', meaning that, although it may be easy for one to come up with a master plan or idea for something, tending to the specific elements that make the vision come to life can be  challenging. However when we lean in and trust the direction of the Holy Spirit, managing what lies ahead becomes less intimidating. 

Here are a few steps to overcoming challenging circumstances:

  • Identify those areas in your life that may be overwhelming or intimidating
  • Ask the Holy Spirit to provide guidance and direction
  • Move forward, one step at a time
  • Don't be afraid of do-overs
  • Celebrate every small win

Here's to trusting God with every detail of our lives.