The New Neutrals

Color moment du jour: Neutrals.  A cleansing palette of blush, ivory, mint, powder blue, lilac and dove. And how wonderful are those names? Names that evoke a feeling, a sense of serenity and calm, familiarity and subtle sophistication. Long are the days of choosing one neutral to anchor a room or even an outfit.  The mix of these new neutrals has quickly become a chic way to make the whole look sophisticated and classic. Iconic even.

Fashion and Interiors go hand in hand and often build on the same principles. Whether you are adding accessories to an outfit or making fabric selections for a room, there are always a few things to remember when doing so for any particular style. When going for the neutral trend, it is important to keep the color hues in the same family - think light pastels. Then add a few wow options like light metals to give a little sparkle and light reflection.

Sow how do you get the look?  I'm sharing a few easy tips.

- Go for crisp whites and ivories to set the tone.

- More is more - monochromatic colors on top and bottom for subtle drama.

- Stack your arm party with texture and sparkle - go for Rose Gold.

- Pair these light colors with rich woods for contrast.

- Opt for a little antique brass in your rooms - lighting is a great way to do that!

- Don't be afraid to mix your metals with accessories.

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"Your Beauty should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God's sight."  1 Peter 3:4


xo, Kristen Ellis

Your Resident Designer and Stylist