The Power of Dressing

Dressing casual and the idea that workout clothes can be worn on a daily basis have become mainstream in this country. I’ve begun to notice this more and more recently not only as I walk around campus in between classes but also while out running errands and shopping. I understand the need to be comfortable in our day-to-day lives but in my opinion you do not need baggy sweatshirts and running shorts to be comfortable.

I think a lot of my belief in dressing comes from being raised in a French family. My grandmother is French, my grandfather is American and they met in France, had my mom and then moved to the United States. Even after being in the US for so long, my grandmother has stuck to her roots and raised my mom and I in the French traditions. Daily, you always have your hair and makeup done and attire looking put together. Holidays and special occasions were for more formal attire- dresses and heels for women, slacks and a jacket for men. Workout attire was for exactly that, working out.

 This past summer was my grandparent’s 60th Anniversary. They took my parents, myself and my boyfriend on a week long cruise in celebration. That was where I really began to notice how casual Americans are. Dinners in the dining room had a dress code and two of those nights were formal attire. As my family walked in dressed to the nines, men around us were in khakis and bowling shirts while the women were in sundresses and sandals. Many completely ignored the dress code and came straight from the pool. I understand that this is vacation but they also told you what to pack when you booked your cruise. 

It’s not hard to combine comfort with style. You don’t have to put on a ball gown to go to the grocery store. Leggings, a flowy top, flats and simple jewelry are enough; with leggings on, you can still pretend you’re in your favorite yoga pants and a flowy top feels almost like a worn in t-shirt. I know when I get dressed, I want to act in a way that matches my attire. I’m more polite and friendly when looking put together. I also get more compliments about how I look in general or just a piece I am wearing. When I get those complements, I feel better about myself and when my confidence goes up I believe I can do anything. The way you look is the first impression you give anybody around, so why not make a great first impression?

Dressing Up 3

You don’t have to dress the same as everyone else. Style is about showing who you are. It is possible to look chic in jeans and a white shirt. Add fun accessories to a plain outfit to show your personality. Wear a cute pair of pumps with skinny jeans to stand out. When you have on those fabulous heels, your body language changes. You strut and show confidence.

I promise that dressing everyday is worth it and will make you feel happier and more confident in the end. Even on those days when you don’t feel like getting pretty, bright lipstick and a messy bun is in style. When you look in the mirror and think, “wow, I am gorgeous” you can feel like a supermodel. Nothing is more beautiful than a woman who believes she is beautiful. Get dressed in the morning for yourself, put on eye liner for yourself, your favorite red lipstick for yourself, show a bit of skin for yourself, be beautiful for yourself. All this does in the end is empower yourself. 


“What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.” –Miuccia Prada 





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