Ticket to the Tents:Diane von Furstenberg & Tracy Reese

Writer Credit: Cherise Luterwww.jaxonep.com

Photographer Credit: Melissa Shea www.fashionmingle.com

Diane von Furstenberg

Judging from the up to the second tweets from the DVF Fall 2013 collection guests, it was a disco inferno with the Theater at Lincoln Center looking more like Studio 54 than a fashion show. To be completely honest, it looked like they just pulled from the fabulous closet of Ms. von Furstenberg and called it a day.

Beautiful jumpsuits and matching separates, pops of color and the famous wrap dress in many varying styles. A color palette of orange, pink, red and electric blue said it all. Models were given flowing voluminous hair and the perfect pink lip a la Charlie’s Angels.

Animal print was everywhere! Large and small prints layered, mixed and matched to add drama when paired with metallic leather and reptile. A bold black and white print particularly stuck out in a sheer top and matching pant.

As for accessories, it is difficult to craft a shoe to compete with such strong looks, so DVF chose simple T-strap round toe heels in matching prints and solids. Let’s face it, all the sexy and all the attention is up top anyway. A kimono style leather belt gave a nod to the southwest cool of the same 1970’s era paired with great day and evening looks.   

DVF (7)

DVF (8)

DVF (8)


Tracy Reese

Writer Credit: Cherise Luter www.jaxonep.com

Photographer Credit: Melissa Shea www.fashionmingle.com

Tracy Reese took a new turn for her Fall 2013 collection. Known for her flirty dresses and girly fun collections, this season was a bit more Downtown than we are used to. The designer used her native city of New York as her inspiration infusing the gritty nature of the city into her flirty feel resulting in a collection decidedly edgy but still feminine.

Animal print was the star and included in over half the looks presented. Every color of the rainbow and even the rainbow itself was seen in a leopard, tiger, zebra or reptile motif. A silver and gold leopard print fabric added a bit of shimmer to the mix. A model was sent down the runway holding a cat, I can only assume to punctuate the point. A few other prints, including a paisley bomber jacket and a Scottish highland tartan like plaid, but the animals stole the show.

Print mixing was the name of the game for this collection, as well. Not only was there mixing within the styling, but in the pieces themselves. One dress contained four distinct fabrics, but was put together in a way that married the separate prints and textures beautifully. A perfect way to describe this collection, many very distinct ideas married together beautifully.

Tracy Reese (2)

Tracy Reese (3)