Tickets to the Tents: Monique Lhullier & Mara Hoffman

Monique Lhuillier Stark black with an emerald green glowing malachite stone served as the canvas for the ever so glamorous Monique Lhuillier collection. The term has been run into the ground as of late, but it seems as though old Hollywood glamour was where Lhuillier began as she conceived her vision. Less the 1940’s or 1950’s excess, but more the 1940’s art deco opulence due to the geometric embellishments and manipulation of prints to create symmetrical patterns. 

Models took center stage in a lush palette of ink black, sharp white, emerald green, sparkling gold and the reddest of reds. It is not strange for white to be included in a Fall collection, but the amount of white in this one must have been a purposeful statement. Bright white sweaters, coats, dresses and furs punctuated the impact of the black surroundings. We overheard the designer explaining her choice of white, “I wanted to create the absence of color in the beginning of the show, which is why I did all those winter whites.”

Textures played an important role as well. Every piece looked meant to be seen and felt. Coats were comprised of oversized cable knit sweater or overlaid with long fur. The lace and embroidery looked incredibly delicate fluttering around the hemlines as the models walked or as the fabric of choice for her evening cigarette pant – Lhuillier’s spin on the pants under long dresses phenomenon sweeping fashion week. Then, the lace was strong in black mimicking the pattern of a spider web on blouses, dresses and even the shoes.


Writing Credit: Cherise Luter

Photography Credit: Melissa Shea

Monique Lhuillier (14)

Monique Lhuillier (17)

Monique Lhuillier (1)


Mara Hoffman

Excitement was in the air backstage at Mara Hoffman’s Fall 2013 collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.  Nick Erwin who created the hair look for the show was busy making sure that every strand was perfect and that the ear cuff chain necklaces, sure to be a major fashion trend very soon, were in place for show time.  We had a chance to see the vibrant pieces up close as team members were making sure that the clothes were runway ready.  We also go to see the amazing gold tipped boots that were a collaboration with Miista Shoes.

When the lights went up in the front of the house the audience was greeted with high energy music and brightly colored clothes that are sure to turn up the heat in fall. Fall 2013 will be all about bright, bold colors and patterns which will give a bit of a spring feel to the chilly season.

We saw more kaleidoscope prints that seem to be a huge trend for fall as well as great capes and ponchos.  The clothes and the show had a very global chic feel with inspired prints from various cultures.  Mara also had models in lots of fun accessories with fingers showing stacked rings and lots of them!


Writer Credit: Jonathan Valdez

Photography Credit: Jane Kratochvil


Mara Hoffman (18)

Mara Hoffman (17)

Mara Hoffman (2)


Mara Hoffman (22)