Tickets to the Tents: Nicolas K, Tadashi Shoji - NYC Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week is underway and Created Woman is excited to bring you exclusive photos and video as presented by  So, without further ado,  Nicolas K and Tadashi Shoji!  


Writer Credit: Cherise Luter

Photo credit: Jane Kratochvil


Nicolas K

Brother and sister team, Nicholas and Christopher Kunz, brought the quintessential Nicolas K look to the tents opening Mercedes Benz Fashion Week with the first designer show of the season. We expected “moody cool” and we got it. The trademark muted stormy seas palette of blues, purples, grays and tans were present in the clothing, but also traveled to the makeup, a charcoal smoky eye, and nails, a charcoal grey and slate blue French manicure. Hair was right on trend slicked back with wavy cascades down the back.

For a while now, we have been seeing drape jackets with little to no detailing - it’s all about the undulating folds and eye catching fabric combinations. Nicolas K puts their own stamp on this trend with jackets that seem less likely to end up in your “Oh So Pretty” Pin Board, but maybe in “To Cool for School.” Leather detailing on jackets, sweaters, closures and belts were eye catching in a sea of flowing layers.

A grown up comfort was also evident in the snazzy sweats presented for both men and women in various colors and silhouettes. Sweater sleeves designed to stretch past your wrist - complete with thumb hole for texting and other secondary pursuits, like eating – were paired with hooded sweatshirts and structured sweatpants.

A bit of a post-apocalyptic vibe permeated throughout the collection, most likely informed by the designers inspiration intrepid Arctic explorations during the late 19th century, topped off by the jewelry, which in most cases was a weather worn stone hanging from a chain – could double as a weapon just in case.


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Tadashi Shoji

Elegant is all that can be said after any Tadashi Shoji collection. In the fashion world, high drama is king, but there is something to be said about quiet glamour and that is exactly what this collection presented. Now, the collection was not boring, but full of power packed jolts of color – cobalt blue, bright red, and WHITE white - and luxe fabrics. But even in all its power, it still was so…elegant.

The fabrics stole the show. Lace was the main player, making an appearance in almost every piece and in some cases bonded to neoprene for a more fitted look. While velvet and silk played a supporting role. Nude illusion fabrics, a big trend on the Red Carpet, added a bit of sexy to the otherwise demure gowns. Feathers and fabrics manipulated to mimic feathers were used as a textural element.

The overall inspiration was a trip to Russia. The designer used traditional country garb as a starting point for his vision. The volume of the jackets and dresses were a reference to Russian Orthodox priest’s robing. The unrestricting 1920’s-esqe silhouettes, most likely as a precursor to The Great Gatsby trend many have been predicting since the upcoming film was announced, were modernized with the wind swept side ponytails and dramatic burgundy lip.

The collection was not much of a departure or surprise from the seasoned designer, but instead another reminder of why we love his work.

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Nicolas K, Tadashi Shoji Writeups

Writer Credit: Cherise Luter

Photo credit: Jane Kratochvil