Tickets to the Tents: NYC Fashion Week Day 2

Spring 2014 Collections – Day 2 – Noon by Noor, Rebecca Minkoff, Nicole Miller COLOR

Day 2 collections showed the same trend as Day 1: very little in the bright & warm colors and more contrast pairings using pastels and bold hues of black and cool colors (think purples, greens, and blues).  Beiges, rose and other flesh tones were popular across the board. Neon, which was so popular for a few seasons, seems to have run it’s course.


Nicole Miller / photographer Marina Marston

PRINTS – Stripes are still holding strong, and florals are always a popular choice for Spring.  Instead of abstract prints with designs placed sporadically, prints for Spring 2014 are streamlined and concise, following exact  lines and rows as seen in the Noon by Noor show.  With this streamlining, prints are taking on a more geometric  feel. Bold trimmings give the appearance of lines and geometric shapes, further cementing the movement to  print conciseness.



Noon by Noor / Photographer Marina Marston

FIT – Welcome back length! From Rebecca Minkoff’s shorts to Nicole Miller’s knee-length skirts, the return of modest length to the female silhouette is a refreshing change after a season of (sometimes obscenely) short bottoms from yesteryear.  Designers are also moving away from the skinny pant trend, and offering more options in pant leg fits from straight-leg (Noon by Noor) to palazzo pants (Argentine Designers)


Noon by Noor / Photographer – Marina Marston


Rebecca Minkoff / Photographer Marina Marston


MAKEUP & HAIR – Though a bold red lip was seen on the models in the Nicole Miller show, the continuing theme of “enhancing” natural beauty was the popular choice for the designers.  The models were again styled with that beach-tousled, wavy hair and crown braids.

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