Unveiling of Dreams; The New Disneyland

Disneyland has always been known as the place where dreams come true. As children travel there, they experience a range of emotions; so much emotion that parents know to have a video camera in hand,ready for the big reveal.  It’s the place where football players , after winning the Super Bowl proudly proclaim, “I’m going to Disneyland.”  As a little kid, bright eyed with a stomach filled with butterflies, my dream finally came true at the young age of  eight.  It was a world of princesses, fairy tales, happy endings and of course, the mouse who ruled the kingdom, everyone’s favorite , Mickey Mouse.  The very same Mickey my 15-month-old daughter is falling in love with today. As some reach adult hood, they buy into the lie that dreams really don’t come true.  But those skeptics have probably never worked as hard or long enough like the designers, boutique owners, bloggers, stylist and fashion enthusiasts I met this past week at Austin Fashion Week.  The dream may not have come quickly for them, but the dream was realized because their child-like dreams and passions were never forgotten.

Austin Fashion Week, if I can boldly say, is the new Disneyland for Austin, TX.  It’s filled with many princes and princesses, lots of happy endings and the man who rules the Kingdom so boldly and humbly, Matt Swinney who has also seen  his dream come to fruition.  As many sashayed across the stage accepting their Trailblazar or Rising Star awards, none forgot to thank the man who brought fashion to the forefront in Austin, TX  four years ago.  It was a sight to see how many held on to their  dreams and are now reaping the benefits of their hard work and dedication on a stage in front of so many of their peers.  All I kept thinking ways, “What an awesome feeling that has to be.”

So whether your dreams lie in fashion, the tech world, mommy world or a dream that may not yet be realized, all of those who participated last week in AFW can tell you beyond the shadow of a doubt that dreams really do come true!  Simply keep believing in yourself, don’t let go of your passion and blaze the trail to be the next rising star.  I promise, you will reach your Disneyland!

Rising Star recipient, Lauren Polt of Chicka-d Courtesy of statesmen.com

 Matt Swinney, founder of Austin Fashion Week Courtesy of KXAN

Nikki Poulas Designs of Fashion Star, Driskall Hotel Friday Runway show Courtesy of threadconscious.com

My Week at AFW


Austin Fashion Week Kick off party at Bob Bullock Museum Heather of Created Woman Magazine, Ashley Behnke of Onyx + Pearl  and Helen Fernandez, Created Woman Magazine Stylist

Neiman Marcus Fashion Show Heather of Created Woman Magazine and Amy Riojas of Fancy Lady N the City & Created Woman Magazine Stylist

Friday Night Driskill Runway show Alina Cording of Alina Cording Makeup and Heather of Created Woman Magazine

Me and Chuck Woolery of Love Connection at the Driskill Runway show.

 Award show at the Austin Music Hall Yvonne Sanchez, Created Woman Magazine Writer, Vivianne Pearson of Lock Couture and Heather of Created Woman Magazine