What Happens to Your Dream the Day After Easter?

 Scene One: Easter Sunday

The church pews fill up quickly with people arriving in their new fashionable clothes to celebrate the glorious resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

The music begins and the voices of the choir and congregation fill the sanctuary with festive songs of victory over the empty tomb. “Up from the grave He arose, with a mighty triumph over His foes.”

The minister’s sermon follows with an anointed message of the miracle that took place on resurrection Sunday.  Shouts of “Amen, Hallelujah,” can be heard from the congregation proclaiming that our Savior is not dead, He is alive! Heads nod in agreement with the message that resonates within us that those things that might have appeared dead in our own lives can rise again.  In that moment, dreams and visions are resurrected in the hearts of those in attendance.

At last, the service concludes with Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus from the Messiah. Hearts soar and joy fills the souls of the faithful who rejoice in Christ’s triumph over sin and death.

And He shall reign forever and ever
And He shall reign forever and ever
And He shall reign forever and ever
And He shall reign forever and ever

Scene Two: The Day After Easter

The church pews that were filled to capacity are now empty, waiting to be filled once again one year  later.  Hard-boiled Easter eggs are made into egg salad and the chocolate bunny has been eaten. Children’s Easter Baskets have been tucked away in the closet waiting for next year.

The emotional charge of Easter Sunday has left our hearts. Our soul, which had soared upward into the heavens proclaiming the truth of Christ’s resurrection, is brought back to earth and burdened with the cares of the day with a list of errands to run.

And the dream - the dream that came alive once again Resurrection Sunday? "What has happened to your dream the day after Easter?"

May I gently say to you, as well as myself: Music, sermons, encouraging words from our friends can be used to stir up the dream that we know God has placed in our hearts to fulfill in order to become all that He created us to be.

But, the truth of the matter is, what is on the inside of us keeps the dream alive!

Scene Three:  Your thoughts??