Where are we going and how did we get there?

It’s been 4 years!   I can still remember creating our first team packets and asking trusted friends and family to be a part of this vision called Created Woman. There was this air of excitement & wonder as we all sat around my kitchen table in the spring of 2009 fumbling through the pages that held what I thought was a vision for just a fashion & faith magazine. With questions swirling through my mind and wondering how in the world this would happen, I simply took the brave step and said, “Yes.” The one thing I dared not to ask, because I was too afraid of the answer was, “where are we going?” Sure, I had a clue. But inside I knew that if I understood or saw too much of the vision, I would be too afraid to keep going. And boy, was I right! Looking back over the past 4 years and all that has happened, I really don’t think I would have kept walking it out now that I finally understand the entire spectrum of CW. Yes, we are a magazine but I now realize there’s so much more to Created Woman. More ways we can reach women around the world of every age and generation.

Yes, there was more. All we had to do was continue to say, “Yes.” That’s all we did. It’s that simple, yet so scary at the same time.

[title subtitle="If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.” – Author unknown"][/title]

This past spring, almost 4 years to the date of our first meeting in my kitchen, the vision of Created Woman came full circle when we realized there was a new strategy to take - one that would spearhead CW into a new realm of influence and take us into college campuses & women’s organizations. We would finally be able to come face-to-face with young girls in their 20’s who are struggling with the question, “Who am I” and talk to women who have gone before us encouraging them to continue the journey and keep saying “Yes” to new things.

[title subtitle="How do we get there? Through The Created Woman Foundation."][/title]

CW officially became a 501c3 foundation in August of 2014 that will mobilize women to be who they are created to be, inside & out, through education and resources. It’s what Created Woman was birthed to do.

No, it’s not just my destiny nor just my vision, but the entire staff at Created Woman. From photographer, writers, stylists, to interns; each one plays an integral part of helping you discover your dreams as they, too, continue to walk out their own. It’s their mission. It’s what they were born to do.

What were you born to do?

[title subtitle="Style Speaks"][/title]

Join us for Style Speaks: Back To Basics, Empowering Women To Find Beauty In Their Purpose. Come discover your purpose & help raise up a league of women to step into their destiny as we gather for a day of shopping, power panels & fashion show.  Get your ticket today!

Fashion & Faith – It’s who we are!

[title subtitle="We deliver the message to women around the world"][/title]

  1. Magazine - An educational resource for women of all ages. Women do not compartmentalize their lives. CW provides articles that cover every aspect of a woman’s life including spiritual growth, fashion trends, identifying purpose, wisdom for everyday, health and wellness, and philanthropy. Each issue is filled with original fashion photography showcasing current trends for the everyday woman.
  1. Style Speaks – Live events providing education and resources for CW followers & guests. Style Speaks bring the magazine to life through power panels tackling relevant topics, fashion shows and shopping vendors. It’s a day where women can come together to learn, grow and socialize for a fun-filled fashionable affair. createdwoman.net/style-speaks
  1. Style Speaks Mobile - CW’s platform for carrying the message of value, beauty and identity to women’s events, retreats, college campuses, high schools and business leaders throughout the community.   We will assemble a team tailored to your needs. Women of all ages will discover their dreams and the tools they need to live a life of purpose and passion.
  1. Coming soon, online classes - An online education resource for more in depth study