Post Thanksgiving Workout at Home

With the day after Thanksgiving, do you feel a little exercise is needed? However, you may want to stay nestled at home or too busy to fit in a trip to the gym. No worries! With minimal equipment, you can get in a little cardio and strength training work out that only takes 30 minutes.

All you need is a good pair of tennis shoes, an exercise band with a place to support it, and a light set of weights, 3-5 lbs.

Start off with light jog or fast walk for 5 minutes to warm up.

Complete the following workout 2-3x depending on your fitness level

15 walking lunges down driveway

If you are new to lunges, forget the walking lunges and stay in a stable position and lunge up and down to complete 15 on each side.
**keep toes forward and knee over your hill at all times to avoid injury to your knee


15 Chest presses with exercise band

With band wrapped around a stable object, face opposite direction, place handles under your arms on each side and press out chest level
**keep elbows soft at all times and avoid locking them out


15 Back presses with exercise band

Now turn around and walk back, extend arms on each side and pull back squeezing your elbows back together


15 squats


Run or walk 3-5 minutes


15 bicep curls with band

While standing, place band under feet that are shoulder width apart and curl handles up to shoulders


12 shoulder raise with weights

With weights to your side and palms down, lift them up together shoulder level
**keep a slight bend in elbow and do not raise weights about shoulders.

Repeat 15 walking lunges down driveway


Run or Walk 3-5 minutes

If you are new to exercise, don’t forget to consult with your doctor before beginning any new program. Enjoy your day and take some time to thankful for the health the Lord has given us, whether is it physical, mentally or emotional.
For more customized workouts for your needs and personal schedule, contact me at to learn how you can get started.