Running To Celebrate Life & Being A Vehicle For Hope: Caleb 5K

  As proud parents who dreamed of attending college sports games and cheering their son on to a winning championship ring, a wedding and grandchildren – a funeral was not part of their dreamscape! But it was their reality, their new normal.

The words, “worship in times of loss” rang through the air of Shoreline Church as Pastor Rob poured the truth and power of Psalm 34 into our hearts, you could have heard a pin drop. Tears began to stream down my face as he spoke about watching his friend Charles Larkam worship God at the funeral of his little girl and how a few years later, he would find himself in the same precarious place – worshipping God at Caleb’s funeral.

The dichotomy of grief and hope that rages in their hearts as the anniversary date of Caleb’s death approaches is beyond my imagination. Encouraging people to be philanthropic and run five kilometers for five charities, connect with their community and celebrate life by worshipping at all times is beyond my comprehension. Yet here on Sunday morning both Pastor Rob and Laura were rallying their congregation to “worship in times of loss” by running or volunteering in the Caleb 5K Fun Run. As Pastor Rob shared on multiple occasions he was not going to exchange what he did know – the love of God and the hope of seeing Caleb again in heaven for what he did not know – the whys? He has publicly declared that God is good and heaven is real, but that is not the end of their story.

In spite of real grief, hope does spring eternal and the best response to pain of this magnitude is to celebrate life.  The Caleb Foundation was inspired by the late, Caleb Koke, who was an accomplished athlete with audacious dreams and a genuine love for children and young people. The Caleb 5K Fun Run is a vehicle of hope, which provides vision beyond human suffering and death while supporting the work of charities that build sustainability in children and young people.

Register at and join us this Saturday, July 13th as we celebrate life, connect with our community and run for a cause greater than ourselves!  By the way, the festivities will conclude with an epic water balloon fight.


Caleb Sterling Koke

Celebrate life, connect with your community and run for a cause greater than yourself!  


anita About Author: Anita Strychalski

Daughter, sister, aunt & friend. Loves the outdoors, writing, raising money for charities & equipping the church with pastoral care skills.

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