What Brings Me Hope, Confidence and Strength!

Often times when we look too far ahead of what we want to accomplish or the challenges that face us, it seems so impossible that we just want to give up. The key to having hope, strength and confidence to keep going, is to set smaller goals and stay focused on what is right in front of you.

While vacationing with my family this summer, I ruined my last pair of contacts which disabled me to see at a distance. For two days, I was without glasses or contacts and could not see objects far away. I had to remember to keep my eyes right under my feet because when I looked too far ahead, everything became blurry. This became very obvious to me one morning while working out by climbing stairs in our hotel.


As I began my climb, it was evident that I must concentrate only on the step in front of me. If I looked too far up, I became dizzy.

During my workout, I felt God reminding me that is what it is like to trust Him. When I look too far ahead, things can get too blurry and scary, but if I stay focused on what is right in front of me, things are very clear.

Let me ask you a couple of questions.

Do you ever allow what seems impossible keep you from getting started? Does the goal feels too inconceivable or the road ahead too long and rocky? You may even be unsure that God can handle it?

The Bible says in Psalm 19:105 that His word is a lamp unto our feet. What that says to me is, if we keep our eyes right under our feet, He will give us the light and provide our path until we successfully complete the journey.

Today, I encourage you to stop looking at your fitness goals or weight loss as something that seems too far away or impossible. Avoid looking too far into the challenges that may be in your future. Make a decision to trust God and guide you on each step JUST FOR TODAY.

By concentrating on what you can do today and trusting God to be the light just right under your feet, you will have hope, strength and confidence.