What Can You Do When You Can’t Get to Gym …… Your Own Personal Workout

In a recent article in the Miami Herald, Cindy Krischer writes how Even Fitness Gurus Struggle to Find Time for Exercise. Although I don’t call myself a fitness guru, I definitely understand the struggle of finding time for exercise and I work in the industry. Can you relate to the struggle? You want to work out, but feel stuck? So what can you do when you can’t get to the gym? You CAN work out and home with your own personal workout.

When you feel like you don’t have the time to go to the gym or fit in your normal exercise routine, it can be easy to forget about any exercise all together. However, I have learned, if I can’t do what I want to do, do what I can do. In the midst of busy schedules and family life, sometimes all I need is about 30 minutes to get in an effective workout right in my own home. We all have the time. It is just a matter of revaluating our priorities. When it becomes a priority, you will discover that you can find a small window of time in a busy day to make it happen. For me, I have to think outside of the box and evaluate where I may be able to “fit it in” such as

• Getting up an extra 30 minutes, instead of an hour if I had to go to the gym
• Skipping one TV show
• Working out while kids are watching one TV show
• Grabbing them to join me

kids and pushups

It does not have to be a long grueling process with a lot of space. Take a quick look at one of my favorite exercises, the Crescent Lunge. With the right workout to fit your needs and schedule, you can have an exercise program that fits your lifestyle, makes you stronger, healthier and more confident in who you are as a woman.

To get your own personal workout designed just for you to follow at home, email me at crystal@yourfitnessdesigner.com to set up a time for a free telephone consult about what exercise program for a busy schedule will work for you.