Help! My dream has gone missing…

If you were at a seminar right now, and someone pointed you out and asked you to stand up and tell the crowd your dream calling or vocation, would you be able to respond immediately with a practiced elevator pitch that would clearly define your goals to the audience?

No? Well, you are not alone.

As women, we tend to adapt to circumstances and can end up thinking our life’s purpose may be nothing more than playing a supportive role in the dreams of others, like husbands or children. After enough time of prioritizing other things over the stirring pull on our hearts, we can forget what motivated us when we were care-free. 

God designed you with a very specific reason, and equipped you with talents, natural leanings, and gifts to fulfill that purpose. He does not create lightly or foolishly. He dreamed of something for the two of you to do together, specifically for this place and time. 

Here are some practical things to help if you are uncertain about the design on your life.

First, I Corinthians 12:7 says, “To each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good.” This means that the Holy Spirit gives us gifts that serve mankind. God’s dream will connect you to people and build community while providing for a need. If you have questions about the gifts and what yours may be, you can take this free assessment online:

Second, figure out what your talents are. These are things that are so natural and easy to you that you might not recognize them as talents. If you need help, ask loved ones about the natural characteristics and actions you have that they appreciate and admire about you. For example; are you organized? Very personable? Quick witted, well-read, or a natural leader? These things might not seem like talents, but they are the traits that lend themselves to your natural and spiritual gifts that are a clue to the dream God wants to share with you.

Next, make a Thrive/Wither chart. What situations, environments, people, or vocations bring you excitement or are life-affirming to you? This goes in the Thrive column. What circumstances cause you to feel drained or out of place? These cause you to wither and sap you of strength. We want to determine what make you tick, as God is not calling you to something that He did not design for you. Knowing how you are designed will be a huge clue to walking in your dream. That’s not to say the dream will be easy; it’s just that the dream will not be counter-intuitive to who you are as a valuable, hand-crafted individual. 

Finally, take the information you have gathered and give it to the Lord in prayer. Invite the Holy Spirit to stir you and give you knowledge as you seek to understand how these will all work together to reveal truth to you about walking out a God-given dream. You may feel that the things you dream about are not important, or that Christianity means a dream is only legitimate if it is uncomfortable or especially sacrificial. Nope! If your dream is to make the very best apple pie and your prayer is that people feel good when they eat it, then go forth and bake! God delights in what you delight in, and probably brags about your apple pie all over heaven!

Personal reflection: 

1.    Take as much time as you need to gather the suggested information. What insights have they provided about you and your dreams?  

2.    Ask God to add to remind you of things that filled you with excitement or delight in your past. What are they?

3.    Dreaming is the first step to walking in the life God has called you to. CW believes your healing, identity, purpose, and health are all pillars that support this dream. What might the next most important pillar be for you? Why? 

Goal setting and sharing:
List 3 goals that you would like to accomplish (at home, at work, with family, etc) that will allow you to live out your purpose in regards to dreams.


God has given each of us a God-sized dream!


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