Facebook and Text Messages - A New Way of Communicating

In this way aim for harmony in the church and try to build each other up.[Romans 14:19 TLNT]

Knowledge to Build On In the 14th chapter of Romans, Paul is addressing a group of believers about the division that is apparent among them.  He admonishes them to just be fully persuaded in their own minds what they believe, follow after peace, and build one another up. Life in the Now Facebook and text messages - - - is this the new norm for communicating?  It sometimes appears as though face to face communication has gone by the wayside, which is so vital for relationships.  Ever wonder what God thinks about all of these hi-tech ways of communicating?

Allow me to share a personal experience as food for thought.   I was receiving a face to face critique about my attitude.  This person got straight to the point by saying:  “With your attitude, you should not even be teaching Bible courses!”  Ouch!!  Admittedly, there are times I certainly have need of an attitude adjustment.  But, for this person to declare that I shouldn’t be teaching God’s Word hurt profusely!  Honestly, thoughts were running through my mind that their words would cause a division between us permanently!

As I continued to listen to their analysis as to why I shouldn’t be teaching, my cell phone beeped alerting me to a text message. I quickly opened my mail, and read:  Have a good day, TEACHER GAL!”

OMG!  LOL!  I was being called Teacher Gal right there on my keypad.  “Thaxs, God. U R high tech, too,” as I chuckled to myself with this on-time instant message.  From that moment on, the face to face encounter I was currently receiving did not matter anymore.  God had nudged someone special to send me a word of encouragement, and she had obeyed.

Think About It Has God nudged you to send an encouraging word to someone and you pushed it aside for “lack of time?”  Why not text, rather than waiting to buy a card, or writing a long letter, which are, indeed, very meaningful.  However, it’s sometimes those quick “on-time” moments that are also needed.

Prayer Lord, thank you for the people you have sent into my life to exhort and build me up.   May I, too, always be willing and ready to build up others in their time of trouble, as well as in the things you have called them to do.

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