Is Natural Beauty Enough?

For our younger readers, I’d like to take you back to the ‘50’s - the days of Motown, a record company founded by Berry Gordy.  Gordon’s recording company produced some of the biggest stars of  the 21st Century.  One of the more famous groups Gordon introduced us to were The Temptations.  One of their most popular songs was:  Beauty is Only Skin Deep.” So, how about a little Motown on Created Woman with The Temptations.  The following video is a clip from the documented movie that was made about The Temptations. After viewing the video, be sure and read my closing remarks.

Click HERE for Video

 I conclude with the last line of the song:  “She may be fine on the outside, but so untrue on the inside.”

For anyone desiring to see this from a “spiritual standpoint,” may I remind you of Eve, the very first woman on the earth.. While the Bible has no description of Eve’s physical appearance, may I remind you that there was no human genetic features passed down to Eve. 

Created by a perfect God, Eve reflected His divine perfection. And yet --- Eve’s natural beauty was not enough.

Need I say more!