No Matter What

In 2010, I met Jenny Stark for the first time in the prayer room of Community Church, Orange, Texas, the church we both attend.  We met specifically for me to interview her about her journey through Breast Cancer.  And what a journey of faith and courage I have been privileged to witness from this young woman the past few years. It has become a joke between us that I was the “author,” so to speak of her first posts.  She would tell me what was on her heart, and I would try to recapture her words and write them for Created Woman.   For the last couple of years, she has become the “author” and writes her own posts. And so, here’s Jenny, the lady whose journey many of you have been following the last few years.


You’re diagnosis affects more than just you.  Your family will be touched by your outcome, mostly your spouse.  He will stand firmly beside you through this and will support you all the way, assuring you that you are the most precious, valued possession on earth.  He will become the listener, you’ve always wanted.  He will be more attentive and less closed minded. He will be there No Matter What!

Most women work, so if you are working, continue to work.  It will keep you grounded; it will keep your mind occupied.  It will make your employer happy and your co-workers more at ease, if you continue with your normal schedule.  These people are part of your extended family, you spend more time with  them, than you do most.  They will be strong for you No Matter What!

Jennie-Stark-2I don’t think it was by chance that I got a new puppy 1 week before I was diagnosed. I am a huge dog fan. (anyone who knows me, knows this) I have a “cycle” of which I get a new puppy, when my older dog gets up in age.  They help in the training process of the newbie.  Little did I know, but God did that I would be spending long days and nights with my new found bundle of JOY!!!  She is the best dog, with the best personality. It pains me even today to be away from her. We have such a bond. One thing I know about Katie.  She loves me No Matter What!

A key factor in taking your next breath, is finding yourself in a win, win situation.  If your faith is in check, and you have released any animosity towards others, (and you know who they are) and your health is the only chaotic thing in your life at the moment, then you are in a win, win situation.  This attitude will give you Great Joy and Peace.  Remember these simple things:   “This is Just a Season” ….Help someone as you were helped….by  “Paying  it Forward”…. “Thought Control”…will keep your thoughts positive.  Control your thoughts; don’t let your thoughts control you.  And mostly, with God on your side, you’re a winner No Matter What!