Power from Within

I love food. I love to cook, eat and drink. The warmth of the kitchen is a great source of pleasure for me, whether cooking at home with my husband, having dinner with friends, or enjoying one of the many family meals the holidays provide. I also love all things health and fitness.  I love taking care of my body by giving it the nutrition, exercise, vitamins and herbs, and regular chiropractic care that allows it to heal itself.  It’s who I am.  It’s what I do. My January resolution was to prioritize an after-holiday nutritional cleanse to give my liver and gastrointestinal tract a dream vacation.  The results were amazing! Once I made it past day two’s fatigue, and day three’s headache, I felt fantastic. In 9 days, I lost five pounds and a combined total of thirteen and a half inches.  Best of all, I feel newly energized on every level, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

All of my goals for 2011 seem that much more attainable because my body is functioning at a higher capacity and because I completed this one particular goal. The increased energy has made me feel great in my cloths. I feel more beautiful, powerful, and confident. I am even seeing the clothes in my closet differently and putting together new outfits. Fashion truly starts from within.

Give your liver and gut a vacation and infuse your world with a new outlook, new energy, and refreshed confidence to do all the things you are created to do.

Visit http://www.drsheffield.com/2011/01 to read more about it!

Grandiose and Glamourous in 2011

January is all about resolutions, intentions and fresh starts. This is a glimpse of new trends and great tips to keep your glamor look up-to-date and fresh throughout the day. Looking for long-lasting wear? Cream eye shadow as a primer is a great place to start. Apply a  shade of pink, gray or sand  with a brush from lash line to brow. To ensure a look that will take you through the evening, add a powder shadow of a similar shade on top of the creme then contour with darker shades of powder or creme.

Do you wonder if blue eye shadow would work for you? Thanks to our friends at Mary Kay Cosmetics, it's obvious that blue is right for everyone. To learn more about about you and blue,  go to http://www.marykay.com/whatsnew/makeupartistlooks/default.aspx

With honeysuckle and coral as big colors for spring and summer of 2011, statement lips in these shades will show you know what's hot and fashion forward.

Try this texture effect on your nails. First, paint your nails with a matte finish of your favorite color. When  your nails are dry, accent the nail with a pattern  of your choice, using a shiny polish in the  same shade or use  a clear topcoat.

If you want to live on the wild side, alternate shiny and matte (shown in the top photo).

Whether you're a makeup junkie or just putting your toes in the water, remember that makeup  should enhance your  natural beauty. YOU are the gift and a  magnificent expression of God's artistry.

January Cupcake: Vanilla - something old, something new

This past Christmas I officially became a woman. Now, I know I'm already twenty-something, but while I was in Portland visiting my family something monumental happened. My mom passed down my great-grandma's cookbook to me. It had been passed from my great-grandma to my grandma to my mom and now to me. "The Modern Cook Book" published in 1947 by Pearl V. Metzelthin has seen many kitchens, cross-country moves, and oil-stains. Thinking about what this new year will hold and my list of goals and aspirations I never want to forget where I came from or the simple things that make life beautiful. As life's pace get faster and faster I want to be careful to not become too busy to cook!

So bring out your mixing bowl and try this Vanilla Cupcake and Soft Vanilla Icing recipe from The Modern Cook Book:

Cupcake Ingredients: 1/2 cup butter 1 cup sugar 2 eggs 1 2/3 cup all-purpose flour 1 1/2 tsp. baking powder 1/4 tsp. salt 2/3 cup milk 1 tsp. vanilla

Directions: Preheat oven to 400. Line cupcake tin with cupcake liners. Cream together butter and sugar; add well-beaten eggs. Sift together flour, baking powder, and salt; add alternately with milk, a little at a time, beating after each addition. Add vanilla. Fill liners to 2/3 full and bake for 15-18 minutes. Makes 2 dozen cakes. Cool, frost (below), savor!

Icing Ingredients: 2 egg whites 1 cup confectioner's sugar 1/2 tsp vanilla

Directions: Beat egg whites stiff, adding sugar gradually while beating. When mixture is light and fluffy, add vanilla.

Looking forward to the day I get to pass this treasure on...but not until after I've tried all the recipes.

2011, Living Life to the Fullest - Dream & Resolutions

"My plan for the New Year is to stay true to myself and realizing some of the dreams I've tucked away in my heart pocket.

Why?  I want to live the fullest life possible and without regret.  Life is so short and I plan to go to the grave EMPTY!!"  (Cheryl Luke)

Ahhh….what a refresher!  New Year’s Resolution can, at times, be so overwhelming.  The pressure January 1st brings can set you off in a tailspin of pressure that’s so demanding we wind up giving up by the time February 1st rolls around.  But those words written by Cheryl are really what it’s all about!  Resolutions are about our dreams; our desires; the vision we have for our lives.  It doesn’t matter what goals others may want you to have – that’s pressure.  What really counts is what’s in your heart.  That’s living life to the fullest!

So, as we dive into the New Year, your family at Created Woman wants to encourage you to Live Life to the Fullest in 2011.  Don’t give up.  Instead, stay true to yourself and you’ll soon realize how amazing life can truly be.  So to all of our CW family, here’s a peak inside the hearts of the CW writers that have been so faithful to encourage, challenge and share their life with you every week.

No matter what type of resolutions you have, they all have value.  So share with us your dreams for 2011, we would love to hear!

Start Simple

Yvonne Laugh in, at and through every circumstance of my life in 2011.  While we cannot change the circumstances of our lives, laughter changes our perspective and an altered perspective changes outcome.

Crystal Avoid any using my cell phone in the car.

Coby Keep date nights with my husband a priority.  With kids and having busy evenings,  It has become harder, but I want to make sure it doesn't slip down on the list.

Heart Dreams

Martha New Years is an opportunity to start all over again and list the things that are on my heart to do:

  • Visit the elderly
  • Visit home-bound people
  • Write encouraging cards
  • Spend more quality time with my friends and family
  • Complete all my unfinished projects  (picture albums, complete two
  • Writing projects for publishing.

Cheryl My plan for the New Year is to stay true to myself and realizing some of the dreams I've tucked away in my heart pocket.

Why?  I want to live the fullest life possible and without regret.  Life is so short and I plan to go to the grave EMPTY!!

  • I plan strengthening myself physically, emotionally and spiritually -
  • I plan on working, well, continue working, on my very first CD . . . Can you believe it!!
  • I plan on launching a blog - very soon (can't wait) - TheMosaicLife.wordpress.com
  • I plan on staying in touch with my friends at Hosanna Church in Poland - Pastors Tomasz and Asia and the Hosanna family have captured my heart and affections.  I could live in Poland part time (during the warmer months)
  • I plan on reducing debt
  • Write more letters
  • I plan on wearing bright colors more often - color makes me happy!!

Practical Matters

Jessica This year instead of having a long list of unrealistic resolutions and rules of what I can't eat, etc. I've made a list of reasonable, measurable goals that will challenge me and help me grow into the woman I want to become:

  • Complete Dave Ramsey's 16-week Financial Peace Workshop
  • Run the Capital 10K
  • Take a basic sewing class
  • Sign-up for free business classes at Big Austin
  • Send birthday cards to my friends and relatives

Helen My resolution is to make more time for myself. Being a working wife & mother sucks up all my extra time and I often feel that is all I am; a mother and wife. So I plan to take some time each week or as often as I can and do things that I enjoy to keep me connected to me and who I am.

Heather 2011 is the year we are expanding our family and in May we will be welcoming our baby girl.  So, with the gift of becoming a mother, my goals completely revolve around her!

  • Surround myself with other women who can encourage, strengthen and share the joy with me.
  • Educate myself as much as possible before our precious girl arrives.
  • When she does come into our world, love her with all that God has given and put in me.

First Timers

Erika I normally don’t make a New Year’s resolution. I try to set goals for myself throughout the year and simply stick to them. However this year, I do have one thing in mind and that’s travel.  Be it with family, friends or work, I want to see more of the world outside my 5-digit zip code. For that very reason, I’ve already started planning trips within the next few months. My first stop is New York at the end of this month, Las Vegas in May and exotic Aruba in June. Whatever your resolution is, have fun with it, but above all, stay true to it!

Nadia I normally don't make resolutions. However, this year I would like to become better at managing my money in the next year and making bigger strides towards getting my business up and running!

We've enjoyed sharing our dreams with you and look forward to 2011

Happy New Year Created Woman!  Dream and Live Life to the Fullest!