Believe in the Greatness of Others

 Daniel, who was called Belteshazzar, was shocked for a bit. What he thought about frightened him.

The king declared, “Don’t let the dream and its meaning scare you, Belteshazzar.”

Then Belteshazzar answered, “Sir, I wish the dream to be for those who hate you and its meaning to be for your enemies!

Daniel 4:19

Daniel has every reason under the sun to not be for Nebuchadnezzar. However when he is given the interpretations of this dream his response seems to be filled with love and care for this king. A king who not only worships a different god but has renamed Daniel with that god's name. It seems Daniel has more than insight into his dream, but sees the greatness inside of his king.

A few years ago there was a popular bracelet circulating in the Christan community.  WWJD what would Jesus do? The idea being that you would see this bracelet, and remember to act the way you would think Jesus would act. I'm not sure if it worked or not.

I think today with  global concerns, our political climate, and economic worries maybe the question we should be asking ourselves is "what would Daniel do?".

No, I am not trying to be political. You did not hear me say anything about how we would vote. I am saying that maybe we should take a hint from Daniel and believe the best in people. In our country. In our economy. In our world. When we open our mouth to speak about such things are we speaking life or death? If we are the prophets of our own lives, and if we are the sons and daughters of God, made to bring hope and life and light to the earth than what are our words bringing? Are we cultivating honor respect and love? Are we like Daniel, sad when thing happen to people different than ourselves? Are we compassionate to those who don't worship our God? Because the truth is people do not care about what you believe until they believe that you care. The love of God sees the greatness in all of us.


Do you find it easier to agree with the negative things going on in your daily life or to speak hope?


Thank you for your goodness. Allow us to have eyes to see your goodness in all of your creation.



Your people will rebuild the old cities that are now in ruins; you will rebuild their foundations. You will be known for repairing the broken places and for rebuilding the roads and houses. Isaiah 58:12 (New Century Version)


Nehemiah was a man who lived comfortably in the service of a king. Though he was a servant, his place was one of honor because to serve a king his wine was to protect his life. Had someone wanted to kill the king by poisoning the wine, Nehemiah was the one trusted to guard him.  Yet, when Nehemiah hears of how the walls of Jerusalem have broken down to ruins, his heart breaks. His comfortable position in the palace means nothing to him in comparison to the land of his fathers being broken and its people living in shame. So he bravely asks his king to allow him to return to Jerusalem in order to rebuild her walls.

We live our lives walking amongst ruins. The remnants of once great cities are cracked pillars and broken walls. There are people around us each day who are living in their wreckage; the co-worker who’s been divorced and now thinks she’ll never find love, the young teenage girl who’s grown up without a father and thinks it’s her fault, the young man who believes he can’t succeed because others have told him he would fail. The different forms of ruins are countless. Dreams, ideals, hopes, families, self-esteem, ethics, careers, marriages, friendships...all of these can be broken down into ‘ruins’.

Yet God has given us His Spirit and it has the power to rebuild. These ruins are not hopeless rocks, but cities waiting on our love to rebuild them. The scripture says, “We will be known for repairing the broken places...” We must be aware of these places and take the opportunities to help restore them. We can offer an encouraging word, give a compliment, take someone on a coffee date, value someone’s ideas, etc,. If we open our hearts and pay attention, we can find the ruins around us and begin to build them back up again!



Curl Potential

Living in the south, most of my clients tend to have some kind of issue with frizz. I, myself,  have always attributed this to the weather and humidity. However, recently I was introduced to a way of thinking that changed that. "Frizz is just a curl waiting to happen," I heard a curly beauty say from the DevaCurl class. She caught my interest.  For the next hour and a half, she had my undivided attention. I walked away from her class with not only  knowledge but also feeling brave and inspired to find my, and my clients, curl potential.

For more than a month and a half I've embraced my curls. I've shared the freedom and empowered  my clients, combating frizz and unruly curls in a whole new way.

It seems that after more than a decade of straight hair being king of the industry, curly hair has made a come back of sorts. No, it's not the perm of the 80's. It's the natural bounce that you were created with that seems to be rocking the salons and the big screen.

Everyday woman and Hollywood "A-listers" alike are flocking to salons to find the magic that is DevaCurl.

With products like "nopoo", the suds-less cleanser, and "mister right" lavender spray to reinvigorate curls, it's no surprise that it's taking off.

"I never knew my hair was this curly," or "all my life I never thought I had curly hair," are just a few of the responses I love getting from my clients after the Deva three step. The simple cleanse, condition, and gel, bring your own curl to the surface, allowing them to shine like never before.

So if your fighting frizz and don't think straightening is the way for you, or if you just want to love the curl you know is there, take a peek at the new products that started this curly revolution. Discover your curl potential.


Pretend you are standing on the banks of The Red Sea watching this scene unfold as it did in Exodus 14. Moses had just lead over six hundred thousand Israelites, along with their herd of cattle, out of Egypt where they had been slaves for over 430 years.  At last they were on their way to Canaan, the land God had promised was theirs to inherit.

But Pharaoah, the Egyptian king and his army, came after them in hot pursuit.  When the Israelites saw Paharaoh and his army coming, they began to cry out to Moses:  "It would have been better for us to serve the Egyptians than to die out here in The Wilderness."

God spoke to Moses and said:

Tell the children of Israel to "GO FORWARD."

"Go forward?"  "The Red Sea is in front of us!"  "Are you sure, God?"

But God knew what do about The Red Sea.  "Stretch out your hand over the sea," were His words to Moses.  As Moses stretched his hand over the sea, an amazing sight took place.

  • A strong east wind blew.
  • The waters divided, the sea became dry land, and they crossed to the other side.
  • The Egyptians pursued.
  • The sea returned, and all the Egyptians drown.
  • Thus the Lord saved Israel that day out of the hands of the Egyptians, and they continued on their journey.

Now, one would think that after that miraculous delivery that the Israelites would never doubt that they could not make it to Canaan and receive the inheritance God had promised them.  However, only two people of the original group, Joshua and Caleb, made it to Canaan.

Why only two?  I believe one of the main reasons Joshua and Caleb made it into Canaan was that they never lost sight of the vision God had given them.  Not only that, but they acted upon that vision despite the circumstances they faced and the people around them who didn't believe it was possible.

Has God given you a vision and dream for your life?  Hold onto it and GO FORWARD!

And yes, God can part The Red Sea in your life to get you there.

Dreams Do Come True, pt. 2

  After dedicating twenty-three years to being a wife and mother, in 2004, Eleatta Diver's artwork began to occupy more space in her life.

She donated the proceeds from her Redemption series to the purchase of  the Merimbe House, a home on six acres where the African Children's Choir can take a few days to rest  in between concert dates.            

Durham Dreams

The idea of a dream series came to her. She could imagine herself  listening to people tell her about their dreams and she would put their story on canvas. She approached leaders  renovating downtown Durham, North Carolina and proposed that she  paint a canvas depicting the visions of twelve community leaders.The paintings would be her gift to the city. Durham Dreamers include the sheriff, a local minister, a historical preservationist and hip hop artists .Six of the proposed paintings are complete and have been unveiled. When the paintings are sold, the proceeds will be directed to a new Durham City dream. Once again, Eleatta gives her talents and time in an altruistic manner.


Her expectation is that her "parables of hope"  touch the human heart. As people walk through her studio, she inquires, "What is your dream?" The question cracked the crusty exterior of one over-sized, burly man, and he responded, "No one has ever asked me that."

Diligence generates the fulfillment of a dream. As this full-time mom turned artist  dedicates herself to her  craft and the dreams of others, her stage grows. Her work is displayed and sold in a gallery in Norfolk, Virginia and her list of private clients who want to own their own dream portrait increases.

George Washington Carver once asked God to show him the secrets of the universe. Perceiving God's reply as a no,Carver sensed the direction that God would, however, show him the secrets of the peanut. In that one concentrated laser- like focus of effort, worlds of revelation and discovery were opened to Carver.The subject of dreams are my "peanut". Through painting, the exploration of human hopes and aspirations  provides endless opportunities to create visual parables that encourage  and inspire.

There's no expiration date on your dreams.


Eleatta's blog is an oasis of inspiration offering insights into her latest pieces, surprise offers, as well as links to purchase prints.
To view a more thorough tour of Eleatta's painted parables, you may visit
Images my not be copied or printed without permission of the artist.


VMA 2010 Entertainment & Fashion

This year's VMA'S just like the ones that aired on September 12th once again proved that Fashion always takes center stage no matter what the event.  "Who are you wearing," is by far the most asked question on the red carpet.  From Rihana to old school performers like Cher who wore her most famous outfit from 20 years ago, fashion and music are a match made in heaven. Winners included ranged from the controversial Lady Gaga to the tween king of pop himself, Justin Bieber.  But the fashion is what we remember most!  Here are some of my favorite pics from this years Awards.

Leather has surfaced as a must in accessories as well as clothing.  These ladies did it the best!

Jewel tones make a great impact no matter where you are going just like Dancing with the Stars Karina Smirnoff.

Neutral tones which were huge fro spring and again for the fall, get a little face lift with sequins.

More neutrals taking on the minimalist look that's a trend this season showed up in silver.

Taking a tip from the 1940's, Miranda Cosgrove from Disney's ICarley, showed off her flapper style.

Lace is a great trend to use as an accessory or part of a great outfit.  Sammi Gianacola wore lace in the perfect ratio.

But when in doubt, a LBD or a Little Black & white Dress will always be a winner.  Ashley Green from Twilight showed how a classic BWD paired with great shoes will shine on any red carpet.

Another Great year at the VMA's with more amazing Red Carpet moments for all Created Women to take a cue from!  Have fun walking down the red carpet where ever you are!