54th Annual Grammy Awards Red Carpet Review

It was Adele's night, that's for sure, at the 54th Grammy Award Show!  Walking away with 6 Grammys, I don't think anyone can or would object to this beautiful songbird sweeping the show.  After all, isn't singing and music exactly what the Grammy's are about?  (Please, someone pass the word to, mmm-hhh, well anyway...).  The night started with a bang with Bruce Springsteen and, my favorite, Bruno Mars, who always gets an A+ for fashion.  But the A's weren't handed out very much this year on the Red Carpet!  Sure, there were some interesting choices and even some beautiful choices; but nowhere in the Red Sea could I find that one dress that I couldn't live without.  But just like her win, Adele definitely rocked the red carpet like she does the stage; with elegance and grace!  Let's take a look at who else arrived at the show with a passing grade.  

Adele in Giorgio Armani


Carrie Underwood was a part of the high neck trend this year.  Her Gomez - Gracia silver dress was form fitting and beautiful.


Fresh face Rebecca Black stayed true to her age in a beautiful black dress with strappy red heels.  All 14-year-olds should be so lucky to feel and dress up like a princess!


Corinne Bailey Rae also strutted down the carpet in a black dress which seemed to be the color of the night.


Giuliana Rancic, host of E-news & Fashion Police, won't get fined sporting the black dress trend she so playfully accessorized with a belt.

Fergie was the epitome of Rock-n-Roll in a see-through, lace Jean Paul Gaultier.  The color was fabulous!


Sticking with the high neck trend, Katy Perry dazzled in a blue Elie Saab that was actually quite elegant and different from her usually quirky red carpet look.  Her blue hair, though, kept her true to form.  We love it!


Comedian Kathy Griffin was no joke on the red carpet this year!  She was stunning in this form fitting gown and was on no D-list!  (FYI, Kathy jokes she's a D-list celebrity - not so here!)


Our host for the evening, LL Cool J, kept the show moving  in classic Armani.


Bold Accessories stood out this year with Skyler Grey's ring/bracelet duo and Alicia Key's statement necklace.  Well done!


This bold summer blue dress accessorized with red earrings and tiny red belt flashed the screen so fast that it was easy to miss.  What's not easy is finding a great picture of this fun look worn by Sera.  I loved the playful look of this long, flowy gown.

Just as Whitney always sang with class, the 54th Grammy's paid a beautiful, classy tribute to a legend loss with Jennifer Hudson singing "I Will Always Love You."  We'll miss you Whitney Houston!  Now, you're singing with the angels.

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Book Review: Guide to the Names of God

In the heat of  the summer, a great read is  always "hot!" Guide to the Names of God is the newest publication of Dr. Dianne Haneke. It is a reference book with over three hundred of the names of God in Hebrew, Aramaic or Greek. Each entry includes the meaning of the name, the first place the name is found in the scriptures as well as to whom God first revealed Himself with that particular attribute. The book is unique  in its organization. Dr. Haneke's research covers both Old and New Testament and the the results  are  divided  into the following sections:

  • Hebrew names of God
  • Over-arching attributes of God
  • Provisional Names & Titles of God
  • Redemptive Names & Titles of God
  • Other Titles of God the Father
  • Other Titles of God the Son
  • Other Titles of God the Holy Spirit

This organization gives the reader the opportunity to develop an in-depth knowledge of  one facet of God's personality at a time. As the reader becomes familiar with the story included in the entry, God's attributes move from the abstract to the concrete. Dr. Haneke also provides an Application section where the reader can personalize this attribute for his/her life.

The author provides additional scriptures for the reader to continue to study other locations and instances where that particular attribute was evident as well as lexical studies for further research.

Again, I must speak of the book's organization. Each section begins with its own Table of Contents, making it simple for the reader to locate exactly what he/she is looking for. For example, as I perused the section, Names of God the Holy Spirit, I was able to choose to learn about the Spirit of Grace, Spirit of Judgement or the Spirit of Knowledge, three of eighteen names of the Holy Spirit.

Although this book is categorized as a reference book, it doubles as a devotional, a book that is comforting to the soul. It can just as easily find its home in a library for scholarly studies as well as on  a nightstand as the last reminder of who God is at the end of day. Guide to the Names of God is an appropriate book for a large demographic; young and old, longtime student of the Bible or someone just wondering about who God is.

To order your own copy, go to: