Summer Fun & Super Moms! Editors Note

April brings us April showers, fresh flowers, Easter and spring break.  But once the rain is over, the sun peaks out a little bit more, temperatures rise and swimming pools are prepped for little hands to splash and girls to cool off in after a day of sunning.  May, though, is the time of year the excitement begins to roar with summer fun, vacations, graduations, summer camps, weddings and sleepovers.  It’s a time of year that no matter what our age, we reminisce about the days we played in the street and find ourselves aching for a little bit more free time to ‘play’ with our friends, drink tea on the front porch or have a relaxing dinner on the patio of our favorite restaurant. May is able to bring a sort of quietness in the midst of the chaos that surrounds us with the ‘end of the year’ and gives us a moment to celebrate with our moms on Mothers Day, kids that are graduating and projects that are wrapping up the semester of college and work.  As we embark on the month of May at Created Woman, we want to celebrate the fun of May, which helps us kick off our summer filled with activities.  But before we pack our bags for our family trips or much a needed girls getaway, we want to share some secrets to help plan your 3 months of bliss and celebrate our moms who so joyfully taught us how to play in the streets without any inhibitions.

In honor of all of our mothers, instead of featuring one woman who defines the very definition of The Created Woman, we say “Cheers” and clap our hands to all the moms out there who are living out who they were created to be every single day and are raising amazing men and women to be all they were Created to Be, too.

 Happy Mothers Day and Here’s to the kick off of an amazing summer!


Girl Talk: 

Chat with us and tell us about a fun summer activity you enjoy and/or a mom or mother figure in your life that made a difference.


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