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            Have you ever felt drained and worn out from the long week of work and daily routine? Like you just needed some time to yourself to rest and to re-energize to start the next day at your very best? We’ve all been there. In fact, I’m there every Friday evening, on my couch, ready to let Netflix take over and start my weekend!

The truth is, although we would like to think that we are superwoman, wife, mom, co-worker, sister, friend, or whatever it is that we do, we can’t do it all by ourselves, all of the time, without any help. And that’s okay! We are meant to rely on someone who can! There’s nothing like the refreshment I get from sitting down with my bible and journal and spending some much needed quiet time with the Lord. The overwhelming to-do- list is quieted, worries and doubts dissolve, and I feel I have been given a fresh start to take on whatever new opportunities come my way!



The same feeling of excitement for newness in my wardrobe came this month when the fashion world was hit with a wave of refreshment, as style icon Olivia Palaermo partnered with Nordstrom’s Chelsea28 label to create an exclusive capsule collection of chic and fresh new pieces.

The inspiration for the collection comes from the recent 70’s colors and vibes from the runways. You’ll find dressed up denim elements, a fun “pajama look,” along with Olivia’s signature piece -  a beautiful sleeveless suede trench dress. The Nordstrom exclusive collection is a blend of modern staples with a high fashion edge.

Picture2 Picture3

Picture4 Picture5

There is nothing like a new wardrobe to help me feel motivated and confident! A sleek sleeveless vest is my go-to statement piece at the moment, and I love the way this line portrays them in fun colors like camels and army greens; my favorite!

What I love most about this collection is how versatile the pieces are so that you can wear them all season long. There is a simple but classic feel, with a surprise of color and funky prints. All the looks feel like a breath of fresh air to the everyday staples and look effortlessly put together, leaving us refreshed, inspired, and ready to take on the day!


sarah bioWith love,

Sarah Burns






Book Review:Table for One

Table for One is a collection of narratives and reflections followed by introspective questions that can be used a personal devotional or for a group to reflect on life’s challenges and personal growth. Every woman has had a dream then woken up in the morning asking, “What was that all about?” and most of us have at least one shopping experience where you watch and wait and watch and wait for a dress or a pair of shoes to go on sale so you can bring them home where they belong. Author, Lahoma Dade shares the details of a shopping experience then transforms it into a metaphor for life. She recounts the details of a dream then explains how the characters and actions symbolized emotional baggage that were holding her down. Ms. Dade's reflections  show her maturity in her Christian walk and  her narratives have the potential to inspire the reader to look for their own "aha moments" in what appear to be mundane activities of life.

The author is a single woman and the title infers that the book's target audience is other singles. I was glad to find that the content is appropriate and targeted for any woman wanting to make the most of her life. The interior design  includes curvy, feminine graphics that give an elegant look to the  pages. Some of the journal questions were meaty and all require honesty. Table for One is an impressive premier work that would add to the library of any woman who enjoys literature with a reflective component.

Lahoma Dade is an entreprenuer and motivational speaker. She engages crowds with her abilities as a storyteller in person as well as on radio. She is committed to inspire all people to live purposefully and develop their gifts.  To learn more about her or to purchase Table for One, visit her website :

Her  book will be on sale at Shoreline Church on Dec. 4th & 5th. For more information, go to

Spectacular Shopping on Small Business Saturday!!

I love the USA!! There’s a shopping day for everyone. With another Black Friday behind us, I was on board with Small Business Saturday and the idea of supporting locally owned businesses. The Austin Independent Business Alliance made the statement that if all people in the Austin area would shop local one day , $14,000,000 could be pumped into the local economy. Providing a place to shop are Nick and Cyndy Flores, Round Rock, Texas ,the proud parents of Ché Bella, a four day old gift shop  on Ranch Road 620. They carry gifts, accessories and apparel (some really cute t-shirts).  Their vision is to give something unique to the community by providing easy access to beautiful gifts, with an emphasis on items  crafted by local artists. A candle collection named after Henry David Thoreau and Jane Austen wowed the literature lover in me. Whimsical ID carriers  embellished with beads and minuscule pom poms are perfect for tweens or gorgeous g-moms,  and my very favorite were special occasion feather-covered purses!(exclusive in Texas to Ché Bella) !

The Flores are planning a wine-tasting, a book signing and invite the public to visit them

and see items exclusive to Che Bella!

16238N. RM 620,Suite E

Austin, Texas 78717


For more information email:

Created Woman Devo Team-Meet Martha

Saturday morning devotionals begin on Oct. 2. The writers are  smart, courageous and they're women who are honest about life. Martha will share her personal stories and thoughts in the months with five weeks ,on the fifth Saturday.

Martha is excited to be a part of the Saturday morning devotional team. She has a collection of her own special devotional books   and they have played a large part in her spiritual growth.  It is her prayer that she, too, can become an instrument in setting the tone for women to have an uplifting day, as well as "grow in their walk with the Lord."

For the past 15 years, her passion has been helping women heal from the emotional pain of hurts and losses in their life.  The Grieving Process, which she taught at her local church, led her to see testimonies of how God takes that was intended evil for us and turns it around to help save much people.  [Genesis 50:20]

It was through her time teaching adult classes that she began to see the need for building a foundation for children to help them work through the losses they are faced with today.  She is  currently in the process of writing her first book to be published in the very near future entitled:  Helping Hurting Children:  A Journey of Healing.”

Martha is a former school teacher, wife of 44 years, Mother of two grown daughters, and has 2 grandchildren. She lives  in Orange, Texas.

Don't miss the thought-provoking revelations that will challenge you to

'become the woman God created you to be,'

starting Saturday, October 2nd, Created Woman Facebook Fan Page.

Feel of Fall Fashion

Luxurious, thick, woven, soft, tough - fashion's feel this fall is anything but boring.

Our top 3 fall fashion textures kicks off with shearling...

These shearling aviator jackets look great paired with a scarf and skinny jeans or a full skirt and knit tights!

Cozy plaid flannel takes our number two spot:

Layer it with a fitted blazer or rick it solo with leather leggings for a fun look!

And number 1 goes to...fisherman cable knit sweaters!

Dress it up or down this is one of my favorite looks! Belt it like the chloe collection above to keep your "girlish figure" try it with boots or clogs!

Whichever feel you choose this fall make sure you feel fabulous!